Creative Sex for Your Health – Even More Reasons to Have Sex

When You Have Sex On Your Mind, Discover How to Stimulate the Brain With Mental Foreplay and Erotic Games

Wow! It turns out great sex can actually improve your brain and keep you healthy. A great sex life is essential to the health of your relationship too. And, best of all, there are fun and creative ways you can improve both at the same time. Not only will you improve the quality of your love life, you’ll look and feel younger too.

Like many couples in a long term relationship, your sex life may have become routine or even boring. Everyone wants an exciting love life. One filled with erotic adventures, passionate pleasure, romantic intimacy and arousing foreplay. You want to feel the exhilaration of doing things out of the ordinary. You want to step outside your comfort zone and release your inhibitions just enough to give you that rush of naughty excitement. In fact, your brain craves these types of new and exciting experiences for a reason.

According to Lawrence C. Katz, Ph.D. & Manning Rubin in their book Keep Your Brain Alive: 83 Neurobic Exercises to Help Prevent Memory Loss and Increase Mental Fitness, sex is considered to be the ultimate neurobic work out:

“sex uses every one of our senses and, of course, engages our emotional brain circuits as well”

When you engage all your senses (vision, touch, taste, smell and hearing) and your range of emotions in unusual, unexpected or novel combinations, you create new neural connections. You also stimulate production of brain nutrients essential for keeping your mind agile and healthy. Based on their findings, for a neurobic exercise to be effective, you must:

  1. Involve one or more of your senses in a novel context
  2. Become more aware by fully engaging your attention and emotion
  3. Change your routine activity or habit in a significant way

Keeping these guidelines in mind, try a few of the following ideas to enhance your relationship while improving your brain too. Unleash your sexual creativity and see how much naughty fun you can enjoy playing together.

  • Read erotic stories or sexual fantasies out loud to each other – you activate different areas of your brain than those used when reading silently. Stimulate your erotic imagination together and maybe discover mutual fantasies. Get closer discussing new ideas and expressing your desires.
  • Use washable markers or body paints to draw pictures or erotic designs on your partner. Use different styles of artist brushes, a variety of stroking techniques and multiple colors on their naked canvas. Write words for your lover to identify or use flavored oils and lick the design after you create it. Switch hands to make it even more challenging.
  • Create a sexy or romantic atmosphere using different types or colors of lighting. Use a new fragrance or scent dispenser. Play music you would not normally listen too. Include new touch sensations using lingerie or bedding with fabrics that have unique textures. Sample new taste sensations like succulent fruits, rich chocolates or exotic drinks. Combine different sensory elements for something new every time you make love.
  • Fully immerse yourselves in sexual roleplaying scenarios. To make your imaginary characters or situations come to life, use a fake accent, dress up in costumes, swap passive/assertive roles and even play in different locations. Also experiment with fetish or taboo activities to stimulate new areas of your body and mind. You may experience a few intense emotions as well.
  • Experiment with new accessories and sex toys. Try new foreplay techniques and exotic sex positions using the toys. Go shopping together to a variety of stores with the intent to find novel items to use in your love play. With this purpose in mind, you will see that regular items can be used to arouse your senses and enhance your lovemaking.
  • Play new bedroom games or turn a regular game into an erotic competition. Add a sexy reward or penalty to any game and experience new levels of exciting fun.
When you first met and were both wild & crazy in love, you probably dabbled with some of these activities. However, now you have a great reason to try them again. It’s never too late to spice up your relationship with creative new sex ideas. By enjoying great sex in novel new ways, you keep your body and brain healthy ensuring that your relationship thrives.

It’s good for your health to keep Sex On Your Mind. Your brain is your most important sex organ – keep it fit and healthy with creative sex that stimulates both your mind and body. For more ideas, you can download our Frisky Foreplay Couples Game with over 200 foreplay ideas for each of you. It encourages you to playfully engage all your senses in pleasure.

Stimulate Your Brain and Body … Enjoy Great Sex!

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