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This website is for couples who know that creative, sexual intimacy and personal discovery are keys to a wonderful and truly fulfilling relationship together.

As you browse through our Sex Ideas and Articles Blog, you’ll stimulate your erotic imagination and sexual creativity. We want you to whet your appetite for hot, juicy and sensually intimate experiences. Try out some of the creative sex ideas, foreplay tips and erotic games you find. Check out a few of the adult toys and sex guides that intrigue you. You’re bound to find something new and exciting to spice up your love life. When inspiration strikes, take a chance, seize the moment and start to enjoy the best sex of your life.

While we feature unique relationship enhancement products from various online retailers, we are also developing our own. Some are shown below:

Our Creative Sex Apps

iLoveRandomSex Sexual Sparks Frisky Foreplay Sex Questions Succulent Expressions
Succulent Expressions Erotic Game App Available on iTunes for iPhone Sexual Sparks App for iPhone Available on iTunes Frisky Foreplay Game Sex App for iPhone Available on iTunes Sex Questions for Couples App Available on iTunes for iPhone Succulent Expressions Erotic Game App Available on iTunes for iPhone
  Pleasure Promises Suck! Me Game Hot Truth or Dare  
  Sexy Love Coupons for Couples Creative Sex Game for Couples Adult Truth or Dare Game for Couples  
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We’ve finished upgrades for the iLoveRandomSex and Succulent Expressions apps. Design changes were made to add a few more features and provide better support for newer iPhones. Succulent Expressions and our new Spicy Dares & Desires adult truth or dare game are also now available on the Apple TV. A number of new foreplay games for couples are in the pipe line for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV that you’re sure to love.

Our Creative Sex Books

Our books are available on Amazon as paperback books and for the Kindle devices.

Classic Games With an Erotic Twist
Remember, prolonged foreplay is essential to improving your overall lovemaking experience. Extended pleasuring is one of the best ways to dramatically intensify your orgasm (or ensure you get one). Just imagine the exquisite pleasure of sensually exploring all your erogenous zones in new and creative ways. Now combine that with the competitive thrill of playing a game that determines what, when and how you pleasure each other. We’ve developed a few fun foreplay variations of some classic games to get your bodies pulsing with passionate excitement.
We hope you enjoy them.

Also take a look at the More Sexy Suggestions menu option at the top of the page for some of our other relationship enhancement websites. We encourage you to explore all the pleasure options available to you. Rekindle the flames of your passion and enjoy each other in many more fun and exciting ways. Inspire each other to go beyond the ordinary and make your adult playtime extra special. Get an erotic game or sex toy today and have More Foreplay Fun with the one you love. Loving affection is the best gift you can give or receive.

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