Ideas for Exciting and Exotic Lovemaking Locations

Cunnilingus Inspiration

Loch Ard Gorge Panorama Continuing on with the earlier Natural Foreplay Ideas post, here is a picture I stumbled upon that immediately conjures up interesting thoughts (at least in my dirty mind). It ties in with an article I wrote: 69 Places For Passion – Lusty Locations to Make Love. You could check off a…

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How To Give Her Intense Squirting Orgasms Female Ejaculation Tips

Squirting Orgasms

Discover Step by Step Secrets to Powerful Squirting Orgasms That’ll Make Your Woman Tremble With Pleasure Learn how you can give your wife or girlfriend intense, G-Spot orgasms and make her squirt so much fluid you’ll make the bed soaking wet. These orgasms can last up to 30-60 seconds and sometimes even longer. They are…

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Frisky Foreplay Couples Game Available on iPhone/iPad

Feeling Frisky

To help you spice up your relationship with more sexy foreplay ideas, we’ve converted one of our best selling sex games into an app for the iPhone/iPad. Frisky Foreplay is a hot dice game for intimate, loving couples. It challenges you to perform erotic activities based on what you roll with three dice. You play…

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Sexy Costumes and Erotic Roleplay Ideas for Couples in the Bedroom

Erotic Roleplaying Costumes

Although costumes are not required to enjoy roleplay games in the bedroom, clothing and accessories can help you get into character much easier. Just like when you wear a business suit to the office, elegant evening wear at a social gathering or seductive outfits for the club, your choice of clothing can make you feel…

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Naughty By Nature Erotic Game With Anal Sex Ideas

Anal Sex Techniques

Inspire Naughty Ideas and Sexy Desires With This Erotic Couples Game Have you ever seen a picture or object that reminded you of sex? They’re all over the place. When you let your mind run wild and set your erotic imagination free, you’ll begin to see sexually suggestive images in many everyday items you pass…

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Naughty Word Games for Couples

Dirty Word Games

Stimulate Your Minds Then Each Other! The following are word games with an erotic theme. Play them to get into the mood or during the downtime after an intimate session preparing for seconds or thirds. Play these Erotic Crossword and Wild Word Search puzzles to stimulate your sexual creativity and get your mental juices flowing.…

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Lovemaking Ideas & Sex Coupons

Love Coupon

Love Coupons & Sex Checks Reward or Pay Your Lover With Pleasure! When you’re looking for ways to spice up your relationship and improve your sex life, playful love coupons are just what you need to enjoy more sexual adventures in and out of the bedroom. They make great romantic, naughty or kinky gifts to…

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Gush With Pleasure: Intense Squirting GSpot Orgasms

Post Orgasmic Woman

Discover Simple Yet Effective G-Spot Stimulation Techniques to Get Wildly Wet and Intense Squirting Orgasms The literature is overflowing with accounts of G-spot pleasuring techniques that climax in a flood of orgasmic ecstasy. Unfortunately many miss the magical mark leaving you high and dry with sexual frustration. Even the lucky ones who have discovered the…

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Creative Sex for Your Health – Even More Reasons to Have Sex

Dirty Sex Doctor

When You Have Sex On Your Mind, Discover How to Stimulate Your Brain With Mental Foreplay and Erotic Games Wow! It turns out great sex can actually improve your brain and keep you healthy. A great sex life is essential to the health of your relationship too. And, best of all, there are fun and…

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How to Make Your Own Sexy Foreplay Games for Couples

Sex Chess Player

Why Play the Same Old Couples Games When You Can Transform Them Into Sexy Foreplay Games Using Your Own Creative Sex Ideas and Have Even More Fun Together? Most people find sex to be “enjoyable” but still have a feeling that something is missing. Are you spending less time playing together because sex seems mundane,…

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