Carnal Knowledge: Learning About Sexual Pleasure is Magical

Sexual Magic

Supercharge Your Sexual Magic

Is it time to try something new to regain the magic energy in your sex life? Do you even know what other pleasure possibilities are available to you? Enhance your carnal knowledge and discover the intimate secrets that’ll ignite your desire for more intimate, sensual pleasures. As you learn more, you’ll gain confidence in your lovemaking prowess.

Orgasmic pleasuring techniques are no longer arcane secrets of the elite. However, with sex, as with any skill, lots and lots of practice is essential. But to progress to the level of mastery, a little knowledge can help you dramatically improve your abilities quickly. We aren’t born with magic fingers or tongues. Still, you can definitely learn some techniques that’ll transform you into a sensual/sexual wizard or witch. Both you and your lover can discover new sources of pleasure that will seem absolutely fantastic. This is fun and easy learning that you’ll hurry to put into practice again and again.

Add to Your Erotic Library & Learn New Sex Magic!

You can find an excellent selection of couples oriented erotica and inspirational sex guides on the Eden Fantasys website. These well crafted articles and educational videos cover a broad range of subjects providing you with a number of benefits:

  • Enhance your fantasies and inspire new ones
  • Explore your body’s capacity for pleasure
  • Discover new sensual tricks and techniques
  • Stimulate intimate conversations with your lover
  • Arouse your self and your lover
  • Identify your personal sexual preferences
  • Enhance & expand your understanding of sex
  • Learn to appreciate cultural differences around sex
  • Spark your own creative ideas for sexual pleasure
  • Sample sexy seduction techniques

Regardless of your reasons, reading any of these online articles will help you improve your sex life. Even if it just brings on a smile, a giggle or a feeling of naughty delight, it will be worth it. The sex position and toy usage animations are especially interesting. Enhance your Carnal Knowledge and revel in the pleasures of your mind and body. It’s not voodoo. See the Info menu to access the sexual fantasies and educational videos (you will have to sign in and verify you are of age to view explicit content).

Some of the topics include:

  • Female Ejaculation or Squirting
  • Creative Positions for Lovers
  • Erotic Massage & Intimate Touching
  • Guides to Oral and Anal Sex
  • Self Loving Tips & Techniques
  • Exotic Dance & Stripping
  • Exploring Fantasies & Role Playing
  • Guides to Erotic Bondage
  • Using Sex Accessories & Toys

Visit the EdenFantasys website and check out a few of the sex positive resources today. Reward yourself with some visual and educational entertainment that’ll help improve your relationship too. And, while you’re browsing their website, get yourself and your lover a few adult toys to spice up your love life with even more pleasure.

We’ve also compiled a list of other more indepth resources you get can get access to online right now: Learn About Sex. We hope you enjoy improving your sex education and putting what you learn into practice with the person you love.

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