Our Creative Sex Apps

We've developed a number of creative sex apps for the iPhone/iPad. They are available from the App Store. A few of them have also been designed to work on the Apple TV. We are investigating development for the Google and Amazon platforms as well. Note that the prices for the apps are one time payments with no ads or in app purchases. We hope you enjoy them.  

iLove Random Sex

iLoveRandomSex App When you want to spice up your relationship, Random Sex is what you need! Use Random Sex techniques to add a creative flair to your lovemaking style. Keep your lover on their toes with anticipation not knowing what new foreplay or sex play ideas you'll come up with. Even changing the sequence or combination of your normal intimate activities can enhance your sex life and improve your relationship. So get ready to introduce some random sex changes in your love life and start enjoying More Frisky Fun. iLoveRandomSex is our pleasure tool to help you enjoy more sexual variety. Keep your sex life fresh and exciting with creative new lovemaking ideas any time you want. Generate delightful combinations of playful erotic ideas from 21 different categories. Enjoy endless erotic possibilities. Your sex life will never be the same again! More Details  

Frisky Foreplay Game

Frisky Foreplay Game Sex App for iPhone/iPad Frisky Foreplay is an exciting dice game for intimate lovers. It challenges you to perform erotic activities based on what you roll. Play together through an arousing sequence of foreplay activities that intensify toward a wild, explosive climax. The game encourages you to sample various types and intensities of stimulation for a total sensual experience. The fun comes in how well you perform the foreplay challenges and how far you're willing to go as you both explore your sexual comfort zones. You take turns rolling three dice (colored red, white and blue) and performing an activity. The ordered combination of dice maps to one of hundreds of unique, gender specific foreplay ideas to enjoy. The red die indicates the intensity level and the white/blue combination points to one of 36 sexy activities in each level. More Details  

Sex Questions For Two

Sex Questions for Couples App Sex Questions 42 is a spicy relationship game for intimate couples who want to discover new ways to excite each other. You alternate asking and answering 21 questions each. Assign points by rating each other's answers. The player with the most points after 42 questions wins. Married partners, lovers, dating couples and even small teams of close friends can play. Same-sex play is also supported. This game challenges you to reveal your naughty side in explicit detail. The questions entice you to openly discuss your thoughts and ideas about a broad range of sexual topics. Some questions may shock and surprise you. Others will get you to dig deeper and examine your core beliefs and hidden assumptions about sex and each other. The random sex questions and your answers are sure to inspire you with lots of sexy new ideas to try. You'll both be hot and ready for more. More Details  

Suck! Me

Sexual Roleplaying Game for Couples Suck! Me is a vampire themed foreplay game for couples. Pretend to be seductive vampires, sensual victims and horny hunters engaged in a sexy struggle of primal passions and deviant desires. Instead of sucking blood, sexual vampires feed on orgasmic energy. While the voracious vampires are seeking fresh flesh to satisfy their oral hunger, hunters are out to slay their forbidden lust. These purity protectors have a stake in preserving normal sexual relations. The objective is to become the top vampire or head hunter (pun intended). Gain sucking and staking skills by performing sensual erotic challenges as you chase each other around the board. Become an erotic vampire tonight! Enjoy a game of dominance and submission and get your blood flowing. Discover if the Master or Mistress in your love life will rule and control the pleasure possibilities in your bedroom tonight. More Details  

Spicy Dares & Desires

Adult Truth or Dare Game for Couples When you want more sizzle in your sex life, you need a fun way to turn up the heat. Together with your partner or a small group of intimate friends, spice up your night with a hotter version of adult Truth or Dare. Serve up some erotic entertainment to make your time together even more exciting. Keep the frisky fun between couples or mix it up. Give yourself permission to let your wicked side come out to play. Be mischievous and naughty as you tempt, tease and tantalize each other with hot talk, sexy sights and delightfully dirty deeds. Gain points as you reveal secret sexual desires and explore forbidden fantasies. Push the boundaries of your erotic comfort zone and demonstrate your dirty desires to earn even more points. Encourage each other to try tasty and titillating taboo temptations. More Details  

Succulent Expressions Game

Succulent Expressions Erotic Game App Feeling frisky and naughty? Get your creative juices flowing with this erotically suggestive game of random words. Designed for two or more players, Succulent Expressions is a combination stripping, drinking and foreplay game all in one. Play as a couples game or as a party game in teams. Earn points by making up wild sentences using seemingly weird combinations of words. Say the sentence out loud and try to make it as funny, dirty, erotic or disgusting as you can. You'll be rolling on the floor in fits of laughter. If you come up with a sentence that you can perform and actually do it, you get bonus points. Stripping and Drinking are optional but add to the excitement especially for team play. More Details  
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