Sleep, TV or Hot Lovemaking? – Make an Oral Offer for Great Sex

Oral Sex Offer

Are you looking for more sensual pleasure and intimacy to improve your love life? Is your relationship one of the growing number where you need to decide if you’re going to sleep, watch TV or have sex with your partner? Or do you even ask anymore and just turn on the TV and fall asleep…

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How to Get in The Mood With Romantic Foreplay

In The Mood For Sex

Lights, Sound, Action Set the Mood for Hot Lovemaking! Does your sex life involve quietly performing the same routine in the dark night after night? Rather than sex being just a physical act, there are some easy ways to add excitement to your sex play. The sensual experience of making love together can be greatly…

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Free Sex Toys for Couples

Free Sex Toys for Couples

Unleash the Pleasure Potential of Ordinary Household Items & Spice Up Your Sex Life Most women would love to have more foreplay in their sex life. They also want it to last longer without being boring or repetitive. To keep your lovemaking hot, steamy and exciting, you’ll want to surprise each other with new sensual…

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Talking Dirty Foreplay Tips for Couples

Hot Phone Sex

Talking Dirty is Hot Foreplay Use Aural Sex to Turn Each Other On Ever wonder why phone sex is such a big business? Guys will spend many dollars a minute for hot, dirty talk from sultry women. And women swoon over a sexy voice and devour romance novels with descriptive scenes of seduction. Although most…

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Pleasure Chest for Adult Play

Sex Toy Pleasure Chest

Love Toys & Sexy Treasures Create a Pleasure Stash for All Your Sexual Fantasies and Adult Games Sex stores are filled with dozens of delightful devices each designed to tease and taunt you with promises of ultimate orgasmic ecstasy. On your quest for quivering climaxes, you may already have amassed a secret stash of sex…

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Sexy Glass Love Toys

Frosty Nipples

Frosty glass mugs of beer pressed against naked flesh is one way to get her nipples hard. But let’s take a look at something else that will get your lover even more excited. Sensually Beautiful Glass Dildos Sexy Love Toys for Couples You may have come across a glass dildo and yearned to feel its…

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Creative Cunnilingus Positions for Her Oral Pleasure

Best Oral Sex

Cunnilingus Positions Great Oral Sex for Women Cunnilingus is a delightfully sensual and intimate experience whether you perform it or receive it. One of the keys to orally pleasuring a woman requires that you start slow and build intensity gradually. Depending on her state of arousal before you begin, your lover may need at least…

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Cunnilingus Tips for Better Oral Sex

Female Oral Orgasms

Cunnilingus Concepts to Consider When it comes to cunnilingus, many couples are tongue tied at the thought of discussing this most intimate act of loving, sensual pleasure. For a variety of reasons, some women even refuse to enjoy oral sex yet it may be the only way they can reach orgasm with a partner. Each…

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Juicy With Joy – Cunnilingus Techniques She’ll Brag About

Bragging With Friends

When it comes to cunnilingus, many women are tongue-tied at the thought of discussing this most intimate act of loving pleasure with their partner. But, when she’s talking with her friends over a glass or bottle of wine, you know she’ll be opening up to all kinds of juicy details about sex. That includes the…

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Sexual Sparks Stimulate New Lovemaking Ideas

Sexual Sparks Creativity

Explore Creative Lovemaking Ideas Enjoy Better Sex Has your sex life become comfortable to the point of being mundane or boring? To maintain the thrill, passion and excitement, you need to engage your minds with something Novel & Exciting. Even subtle changes can make a regular activity seem extraordinary, spectacular and especially memorable. Change can…

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