Lucky Lovemaking Lottery for Creative Sex Ideas

Love Lottery Winner

If your sex life could use some extra excitement, take a chance and enjoy some random sex. Use your lottery numbers to generate special combinations of sex play ideas. Each one is sure to make you a winner with your lover. Keep your sex life fresh and exciting with creative new lovemaking ideas anytime you…

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Aural Sex – Hot Juicy Stories

Aural Sex Fantasies

Your mind is your most potent sexual organ. It’s responsible for your excitement, sense of passion and ultimately your orgasm. Developing your sense of eroticism with erotic fantasy material will enable you to heighten your arousal whenever you desire. Stimulate your minds with juicy stories that you read to each other or try some aural…

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Dating, Love & Sex Questions for Couples

With the busy lives people lead today, couples are discovering way too late that they’ve drifted apart. All too often the emotional connection and love fades because people neglect having intimate conversations together. Couples end up cornering each other with these four dreaded words – “We Need to Talk“. Everyone knows this is leading to…

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69 Sensational Sex Ideas

Hot Pepper 69 Sex

If you feel your adult playtime could use a bit more fun and excitement to spice up your sex life, here’s a special treat. Sometimes all it takes is a single creative new idea to get your sexual juices flowing again. More sexy ideas would be even better so we’re making a special report available…

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Sexy Questions About Hot Love & Wild Sex

Lovemaking Questions

The most important part of sex actually comes before sex! Mental foreplay and emotional intimacy are essential for maintaining sexual desire. Discover how you can increase the passion in your love life and get more sex just by asking each other the right types of questions. Here are some sexy questions to ask your partner…

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Sexy Questions About Creative Foreplay Ideas

Creative Foreplay

Foreplay is an extremely important part of an intimate sexual relationship. But the type and quantity of foreplay that we desire changes all the time. To feel fully satisfied, an orgasm is not always enough. Quality time together enjoying mutually shared pleasures is what makes for an emotionally fulfilling sex life. Emotional intimacy also involves…

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Dating Questions About Kinky Sex Play

Kinky Dating

Dating questions about kinky sex are not necessarily appropriate to ask about on your first few dates. However as your relationship gets more intimate, these types of sex questions will help you discover how sexually compatible you are. Since a good sexual connection is essential for a long lasting relationship, it’s critical that you find…

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Intimate Questions: Explore Kinky Sex Ideas

Kinky Sex Hot Wax

Discussing and experimenting with some kinky sex activities like bondage requires a lot of trust in your partner. While the erotic fear factor may add to the erotic thrill, you definitely want to eliminate any real dangers both physical and emotional. So learn as much as you can together using books or other information resources…

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Random Sex for a Change

Random Sex Dice

Has your sex life become comfortable to the point of being mundane or boring? Do you need to spice it up before external temptations seem like the only way to get your blood flowing again? Maintaining the thrill, passion and excitement in your relationship requires change to engage your minds and bodies. Even subtle changes…

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Invest in Love to Save Your Marriage

Lovers Caught

Your Relationship is an Investment Protect It! Anything you do to enhance the love, pleasure and happiness you experience together as a couple is an investment in your relationship. Guard your happiness together like the treasure it is and invest in your relationship so that it prospers. Interest in each other is worth so much…

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