Do you have high standards for the games you play?

We are passionate about the adult games we like to play and design. The following is a list of requirements that are intended to guide the development of our foreplay games and sex play ideas. The resulting erotic games should stand out from other sex games and become an intimate addition to any couple’s loving relationship. These game design expectations and desires do, of course, influence our reviews of other commercially available adult games too.

  1. The game must be relatively easy to play but involve elements of strategy that allow for more complex player interactions.
  2. Must be a quality product that retains value and playability. Must not appear cheap or crude.
  3. Must convey a distinct sense of artistic style and elegance. Incorporate erotic art that is tasteful and arousing. Graphic artwork should be appealing and provide a quality look & feel.
  4. Appeals to a wide range of audiences
    • various age groups
    • both sexes and adaptable to various sexual orientations
    • many cultural and (open minded) religious affiliations
    • various intellectual ranges and backgrounds
  5. Provide limitless combinations & styles of play that can be adapted to individual personalities and preferences. Allows people to customize their activity preferences with a range of game characteristics that can accommodate winning strategies.
  6. Facilitates extensions easily. Game design should enable new or custom expansions to be added seamlessly. Enable themes to be created for different styles of relationships or levels of sexual sophistication.
  7. Relates to realistic sexual activities and scenarios that can be performed live. Couples can mix and match game elements to available toys and accessories. They can also remove activities that they are not prepared or able to perform.
  8. Stimulates open-minded exploration of sexual possibilities. Provides a focal point for exploring new ideas:
    • provide a means for individuals to express new desires
    • must stimulate verbal interaction of feelings and desires
    • must stimulate sensual and sexual creativity in a playful manner
    • playable by new couples as a means to identify each others sexual personalities and preferences
  9. Playable by groups of friends to stimulate discussion and provide humorous entertainment. Design rules to be adaptable to 4-6 people as individuals or as teams.
  10. Adaptable to many different cultural backgrounds and sexual preferences.
  11. Possible solitaire version for self exploration or for stimulating creative ideas to entice and surprise a lover.
  12. Encourage sensual, sexual and mental exploration activities that help people push their boundaries and learn about each other.
  13. Variable ranges of play time depending upon purpose of game (quickie, foreplay, romance, teasing, etc.).
  14. Designed to be played in comfortable, romance compatible settings.
  15. Intelligent, natural progression of activity intensity including:
    • discussions and erotic talk
    • mood setting activities (fire, candles, soft light, music, incense, etc.)
    • sensuous activities (kissing, stroking, sucking, etc.)
    • clothing removal
    • foreplay progressing to more advanced sexplay
  16. Must be FUN to PLAY!

The last item is of course very subjective. Any game can become fun if you are in the right frame of mind and with the right people.

Here is a bit more background about why my wife and I enjoy Designing Amazing Erotic Games for Couples. It’s our belief that good games provide an implicit learning experience that’s enhanced by the level of playful fun it encourages. Not just facts or concepts but rather the more subtle behaviour characteristics and interactions exhibited by the players. It’s unfortunate that many couples today are “too busy” to play good games with each other. This is a missed opportunity to bond and communicate at a level that is not censored by our conscious thoughts. It is our intention to present a broad range of erotic games on this website – a few may resonate with you and your lover so that you’ll want to play together more often. We hope you find the time to play.

If you’ve ever thought of designing your own hot bedroom games, check out our article on Foreplay Games and visit our Adult Board Game Design blog. Also check out some of the fun bedroom games we’ve included in our Our Creative Sex Play Books.

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