Spicy Dares and Desires
Erotic Truth or Dare Game

Turn Up The Heat – Together with your partner or a small group of intimate friends, spice up your night with a hot, adult version of Truth or Dare. Serve up some erotic entertainment to make your time together even more exciting. Keep the frisky fun between couples or mix it up.

Extra Spicy Dares and Desires – Gain points as you reveal secret sexual desires and explore forbidden fantasies. Push the boundaries of your erotic comfort zone and demonstrate your dirty desires to earn even more points. Encourage each other to try tasty and titillating taboo temptations.

Choose Your Craving – Roll three dice to determine a choice of truth or dare. There are 24 categories of fun sex questions and 15 types of dirty dares that may come up. Each is represented by a suggestive image and a rating. Higher ratings offer more points. Combine dares with a question for bonus points.

Passion Play With Fiery Foreplay – Dares include various types of mental and physical stimulation with different levels of intensity. Strip items of clothing as the scores increase to prepare for more intimate play. Even tame foreplay is hotter when performing on demand or when other players are watching.

Liberate Your Lust – Give yourself permission to let your wicked side come out to play. Be mischievous and naughty as you tempt, tease and tantalize each other with hot talk, sexy sights and delightfully dirty deeds. Let yourself go without over thinking or censoring and enjoy stoking your sexual fires.

Sizzling Stakes to Savour – Play alternates until one player reaches the score limit. A judge and possible target player are selected automatically. Their job is to help or encourage the current player to get as many points as they can so everyone wins. Agree on your own sexual stakes or foreplay forfeits to make the game even more exciting.

Adult Truth or Dare Sex Games for Couples

Detailed rules and other information about the game is provided below.


Be the first person or team to reach a target score. Earn points by answering fun sex questions and performing erotic dares. The questions and dares start off mild then get spicier as the game heats up. Put a little extra effort into your play to get double points. Keep in mind that, in this game, helping other players earn points can be more exciting than winning.

Game Setup

Up to 6 players or teams can play. Default names are assigned to each player slot but they should be changed to use real player names. Go to the Options screen to edit player details including information about current lovers. If a partner is playing, set the Coupled flag ON to automatically link name and gender details. Players 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 can be linked as couples. The two gender settings are used to determine sexual preferences in the game.

You can use the player details screen to add in or remove players from the game. Players/teams can leave, rejoin later and retain their current score. Scores can also be adjusted if desired any time during the game.

The target score (30, 40, 50, 60, 80 or 100), dare level (Mild, Warm, Hot, Fiery or Sizzling) and truth level (Mild, Warm, Hot) can be set in the Game Play Settings section of the Options screen. You can also adjust the proportion of truths to dares. In the Game Play Preferences section of the Options screen, there are various On/Off preference settings. All the settings can be adjusted anytime during a game.

How to Play

The starting player is automatically selected and the turn order is randomized to begin a new game. This sequence includes all six player slots even though some may be hidden if they’re not currently playing. Options and players can be changed during a game already in progress.

On your turn, perform any actions shown and click continue when ready. The dice rolling screen will be presented with three blank dice ready to roll. A judge will be randomly selected (displayed in the screen title) to control the scoring. They should be given the remote. The judge is also the player that reads the question or dare.

Spicy Truth or Dare Desire Dice

Click one of the Roll Dice buttons to start all three dice rolling. Click again to stop the dice. Three categories of truth or dare are displayed with a spiciness rating and name for each. Click on one of the choices to reveal the corresponding truth or dare and blank out the others. Once revealed, the turn time remaining count down starts and the score buttons are enabled showing the available points. The button under the selected die changes to Read Question or Read Dare. If the Carnal Commander preference is turned on, clicking this button will activate the text-to-speech feature.

Once the current player performs the dare or answers the question, the judge selects an appropriate scoring button. Use the Special score button for bonus or optional points. Play alternates until one player or team reaches the target score limit.

Truth AND Dare

Whenever a Truth questions is presented, any player can make up a related dare for the player to perform. This bonus dare can be used as an alternative to the question or to increase the potential points. The judge must agree to it since they choose the points scored (using the Special button).


After one of the three desire dice activities have been selected and revealed, the available points are displayed on the scoring buttons. The scores are based on the activity level. The scoring buttons are disabled until a choice has been made.

For each turn, a judge is randomly selected to choose the score. They decide if a player deserves to get a Good or Great score. To get a great score for double points, a player should provide extra details when answering a truth question. For dares, the quality of the performance or excitement generated determines if a great score is warranted.

If a player opts to Pass, the judge should offer other scoring options to encourage participation. Their job is to help players get into the game and earn as many points as possible.

Hot'n Dirty Truth or Dare Games for Couples

Alternative Adult Play

This game is designed for couples and intimate friends looking to spice up their time together with some erotic excitement. It does involve stripping and drinking. The dares are also oriented to various types of foreplay and sex play. The questions and activities are intended to be both mentally and physically stimulating. To make the game even more exciting, you can also agree on your own sexual stakes or foreplay forfeits for the winner or loses.

Group Play

When you’re with a small group of friends who are all feeling a little naughty and looking for some excitement, start up a game of Spicy Dares & Desires. It’ll get your party started with hot talk and hilarious laughter. If there are more than 6 players, organize some small teams.

Spicy Dares & Desires is a combination stripping, drinking and foreplay game all in one. Unlike Strip Poker that requires cards, chips and time to setup, with this frisky word game, all you need is your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. You can get playing quickly anytime.

Couples Play

Spicy Dares & Desires was designed to be played by couples to help stimulate hot erotic talk and creative foreplay. You’ll come up with many different types of random sex ideas as you play the game. When you play with foreplay in mind, try to come up with bonus dares related to the truth questions. This will get you bonus points in the game and with your partner. You may even want to help each other out with helpful hints leading to your pleasure. Be sure to choose an appropriate reward for the winner.

Sexy Adult Games for Couples


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Extra Details

Here are a few extra details about the game:

  • All Truth and Dare activities are purely optional. Use the Pass option if you feel uncomfortable answering or performing anything. Other players are free to use friendly encouragement to entice participation. Also note that any other player involved with the activity is free to pass or decline as well.
  • If there are more than 6 players, teams can be formed using combined names if desired. In this situation, it’s best to group players with the same gender or sexual preferences into teams. The gender settings are used to select appropriate truths and dares.
  • The Coupled setting and joined game status for players is used to determine if any ‘single’ people are playing. If any single players are in the game, the Couples Only Dares preference will not be used. If an even number of individuals are playing, consider setting them as a couple in the game if you want to preserve the setting.
  • For truth activities, any player can make up a bonus dare related to the question for an alternative or additional score. This includes the current player which can help improve their score with triple points.
  • The turn time remaining count down is not intended as a time limit. Certain activities may take more or less preparation so a hard limit isn’t useful. The count down is intended to help keep the game moving with a hurry up hint – the count down warning may help with this.
  • If the game is won too soon, just go to the settings and increase the max score before continuing.
  • Higher scoring activities usually come later in the game and assume a certain level of undress. Normally, with stripping turned on, players should remove one item of clothing for each level increase.
  • If only males or only females are playing, the corresponding Male-Male or Female-Female dare preferences will not be used.
  • Any Change in the Options always take effect immediately. However an existing status message may not be updated if it is related to the existing turn. For instance, if you are asked to Strip and go into the options screen to turn off Stripping, it will still show that you need to strip.
  • For stripping, the game assumes each player has 4 items of clothing on – adjust the articles you remove accordingly.
  • Many dares will involve another player. If the other player refuses to participate in a particular dare, use the special scoring button to choose other options.
  • Special, half point scores are rounded down and will not be available for single point dares.
  • Drinking should be whatever you are comfortable with and in moderation. You want to loosen your inhibitions, but still be able to speak clearly.

We have also created book and Kindle versions of this dirty truth or dare game. A Gay version is also available.

Note: Please drink responsibly and in moderation. Alcohol consumption and sexual activities should only be performed by mature, consenting adults. Always use safer sex practices and common sense when drinking and/or engaging in any sexual activity. Enjoy these types of optional game play activities at your own risk and discretion. Also see our Product Terms of Use that relates to all our apps, books and games.

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