Classic Games With an Erotic Twist

We’ve taken a variety of classic games you know and love and added a few erotic twists to transform them into sexy new foreplay games for couples. Our design challenge was to keep the competitive nature of the game, creatively introduce foreplay activities and setup a sexy reward for winning. Although primarily intended for couples, some of the foreplay games are suitable for playing with special friends. And of course, we don’t want any one to feel like they lost so all players win in their own way.

Most good games tend to involve a competitive struggle with opponents striving to achieve some goal or victory condition to win. The winner usually receives some reward to acknowledge their efforts. Competition between two people in a loving relationship may seem inappropriate. But, in the context of a mutually enjoyable game, the interactions can actually enhance your bond and strengthen your relationship. Competitive erotic games that incorporate exciting lead-up activities and a unique or special reward will enhance your desire to play, have fun and strive to win. Even though the winner receives the agreed upon prize, it should be something that can be enjoyed by each player albeit in different ways.

Our foreplay games are intended to be competitive while also introducing erotic activities that are pleasurable and stimulating. To heighten the challenge and intensify the desire to win, activities assigned to certain game events should include a balanced set of risk/reward incentives suitable for each player. Some events should encourage players to perform activities that stretch their comfort zone in ways that they desire. Although mutual consent is assumed, being forced to do something as a forfeit can significantly add to your excitement.

Some other characteristics of good foreplay games include:

  • introduce progressively more intense foreplay activities as the game advances
  • specific or semi-random activities are tied to select game events
  • players have a degree of control selecting/obtaining events/activities
  • separate male and female specific activities add variety and balance incentives
  • subsequent sex is assumed but the type depends on the outcome of the game

When playing games where one player tends to have an advantage, consider changing the rules such that a winning event has the corresponding activity performed as though it was obtained by the other player. For instance, if you won a hand in strip poker, rather than the other player removing an article of clothing, you would. Now, for a purely random game such as the classic strip poker, this doesn’t make sense. It’s more applicable to a game of skill where actions can be controlled. In this format, the more dominant player will tend to automatically even out the game. Note that the game winner still gets the prize, but you both win in the process – avoids hard feelings too (the emotional kind that is).

Note: We’ve moved the free foreplay games to our other site: Games for Couples. Games include:

For a more detailed list with an overview of each game, see List of Free Sexy Games for Couples.

Try a few of these sexy games today and see if you have the skill or luck to win your favorite activity. Introduce some competitive sex play into your love life.

Also check out our books Sex Games & Foreplay Ideas For Couples: Be Naughty Play Dirty Together or Extra Naughty Frisky Foreplay: Hot Sex Dice Games available from Amazon. Variations of our free games are included in the books with sex/foreplay activity ideas included. We also have a number of apps for the iPhone/iPad and various other playful sex books as well (see sidebar). Note that many of our products now support gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, threesomes and mixed couples.

We hope you have fun and … Enjoy Playful Sex Together with Foreplay Games!

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