Gush With Pleasure: Intense Squirting GSpot Orgasms

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Discover Simple Yet Effective G-Spot Stimulation Techniques to Get Wildly Wet and Intense Squirting Orgasms

The literature is overflowing with accounts of G-spot pleasuring techniques that climax in a flood of orgasmic ecstasy. Unfortunately many miss the magical mark leaving you high and dry with sexual frustration. Even the lucky ones who have discovered the secrets come to find it elusive at times. As with clitoral stimulation, the G-spot is not a button that can be pushed for instant pleasure. But, with a few G-spot guidelines, wet and wild sensations will be in your grasp.

First, a few frisky facts to consider:

  • The clitoris includes a network of pleasure receptors that branch from an internal shaft and wrap around the sides of the vagina.
  • The urethra, running along the top of the vagina, is surrounded by a spongy tissue packed with blood vessels and fluid producing glands.

Both the clitoris and the urethral sponge will swell with blood when stimulated. Think of this as the body’s way of expanding the pleasure centers to pickup each and every erotic sensation. Also, both are located on the top, inner third of the vagina closest to the opening. The thing to note is that there is no single spot to stimulate but rather an erogenous zone.

There are no hard and fast rules to properly stimulate this inner erogenous zone. Each woman is unique and her response to any sensual activity varies significantly based on many factors. But, being highly aroused first can safely be assumed to be important. Fantasy and foreplay are always good ways to start and, if you are with a partner, oral pleasuring and intercourse will definitely prime your pump.

If going for these juicy orgasms solo, you will want a relatively hard pleasure wand with a curved head. There are silky smooth acrylic or glass dildos specially designed for G-spot stimulation. These luxury love toys are great to use with your lover too and should definitely be part of your pleasure chest collection. Choose one with a medium sized head since you will want a range of motion. Since you are stimulating an area and not a spot, thinner ones may not work as well. Vibrators may help get the blood flowing but are not strictly essential.

The curved head on your pleasure wand is intended to angle up toward your tummy to stimulate the urethral sponge and inner portion of the clitoris. Angled in this way, you will also be able to apply firmer pressure against your pelvic bone. A pulsing, stroking pressure on this area can quickly trigger intense orgasms. After the initial crest of ecstasy, maintain a rhythm of pulsing pressure to keep the orgasmic waves flowing.

Some women inadvertently suppress the full pleasure and intensity of a G-spot orgasm due to a side effect of stimulating the urethral sponge. An irritation or feeling that you are going to pee may cause you to shutdown you arousal when in fact you may be on the verge of a Female Ejaculation. Rather than bearing down to suppress this amazing phenomenon, try relaxing and let it flow. You may experience a gushing release or a squirting spray of Liquid Love. The amount of fluid released varies from a trickle to a puddle but is not urine. Rather than being embarrassed, embrace your ability to gush with pleasure.

With a loving partner, fingers come in to play. A similar stroking, pulsing pressure technique should be used. More than one finger is desirable so use your two middle fingers. If your fingers are smaller, add your baby finger as well. Position your hand so that your palm is grazing her clitoris and your fingers are curled inside her vagina. Rather than tensing her muscles, she should relax while you flutter your fingers up and down. Use the pads of your fingers to gradually apply more and more pressure against her pelvic bone as you speed up the pulsing sensation. If your lover does start to squirt, continue applying firm pulsing pressure without blocking her release with your palm.

And remember, women can easily have multiple orgasms, so even if you succeed, try and try again. Here are a few other ideas to improve your G-spot pleasure:

  • Purchase a moisture proof pad (2ft square) available at pharmacies
  • Female ejaculate tends to wash away natural lubricants – use lots of lube
  • G-spot orgasms can be triggered very quickly (as little as 10 seconds)
  • Some intercourse sex positions stimulate this inner erogenous zone
  • Well manicured and smoothly filed finger nails are a must
  • Curling your fingers inside her vagina may scratch or tear painfully
  • Wrist and finger exercises will come in handy

Although simple, these G-spot techniques are extremely reliable for stimulating intense orgasms and triggering female ejaculation. Your partner will be gushing with pleasure. Be sure to be prepared with a towel or moisture proof pad.

And, for her ultimate delight, sensually lick her clitoris while also stimulating her G-spot with a glass dildo or your fingers. This blended stimulation will give her an earth shuddering orgasm with tidal waves of pleasure. For more information about female orgasms and g-spot stimulation, see the article How To Have A Squirting Orgasm With Sex Toys.

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