How To Give Her Intense Squirting Orgasms Female Ejaculation Tips

Squirting Orgasms

Discover Step by Step Secrets to Powerful Squirting Orgasms That’ll Make Your Woman Tremble With Pleasure

Learn how you can give your wife or girlfriend intense, G-Spot orgasms and make her squirt so much fluid you’ll make the bed soaking wet. These orgasms can last up to 30-60 seconds and sometimes even longer. They are so incredibly powerful and addictive she’ll crave your touch. You’ll be able to give her multiple orgasms with just your fingers.

There are a couple excellent books available if you want more details. However, we’ve provided the essential information you need below to get the pleasuring started right away.

Once you try the following technique, be sure to check out the books above to discover more creative ways to enjoy squirting, g-spot orgasms together. Also, with the right toy like the WOMANIZER DUO CLITORAL STIMULATOR & G-SPOT VIBRATOR, she may even be able to do it herself (alone or while you watch).

G-Spot Flutter Orgasm Technique

  • Although some women can have squirting orgasms in this way with less than a minute of stimulation, foreplay and even intercourse before hand is a great way to get her warmed up.
  • With her laying on her back, insert your two middle fingers into her vagina with your palm positioned over her clitoris. Use your baby finger as well if your hands are not too big. You want to have your fingers inserted about 2 inches – not full depth and not too close to the opening. It’s more of a region rather than a spot so multiple fingers work best.
  • Start with a massaging motion by curling your fingers upward using just the pads of your finger tips.
  • Then transition to a slow pulsing, fluttering motion to increase her excitement.
  • When she is nearing orgasm, speed up a bit and add more upward pressure during each pulse (about two or three pulses per second depending on her response). You want rhythmic pulses that are not too slow or too fast.
  • When she starts squirting, make sure you’re not blocking her flow with your palm otherwise it won’t feel as intense.
  • Keep up the pulsing pressure until she finishes. Keep your fingers inserted and still while she enjoys the lingering waves of pleasure. Try applying some firm pressure on her clitoris with your palm unless she is still too sensitive.
  • Female ejaculate washes away her natural lubricant so your fingers may feel stuck inside – remove them very slowly and carefully. Keep a bottle of water based lube handy.
  • Let her rest a bit, add some lube and try for seconds and thirds if she has the energy for it. Your fingers may need a bit of a rest as well.

Extra Pleasuring Details

  • Keep your nails short and filed smooth
  • Use lots of lube if required
  • Use a fair amount of pressure with the pads of your finger tips
  • Avoid curling your fingers too much or your nails will end up scratching her especially if your fingers pop out
  • She should try to relax and release near orgasm rather than clenching or tensing up
  • If she tenses up too much, her vaginal muscles may clamp down on your fingers and restrict the pulsing pressure that’s required to trigger her orgasm
  • It’s not pee even though she may have that sensation initially and try to hold back so reassure her that it’s okay to let it flow
  • You can add oral clitoral stimulation to make her orgasm even more intense

WARNING: with these techniques you’ll want to get a few washable, waterproof sheet protector pads so you’ll have a place to sleep later. Otherwise the bed will get soaked. You can use a bath towel folded in four and placed under her bum, but even these may soak through. You can purchase two foot square or larger, waterproof absorbent pads that work great although some squirts may shoot quite far. You’re bound to get some spray on your bedsheets regardless, but at least the majority of her G-spot gush will be captured. Get two or three and keep them handy so you can grab one when ever you need.

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