How to Make Your Own Sexy Foreplay Games for Couples

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Why Play the Same Old Couples Games When You Can Transform Them Into Sexy Foreplay Games Using Your Own Creative Sex Ideas and Have Even More Fun Together?

Most people find sex to be “enjoyable” but still have a feeling that something is missing. Are you spending less time playing together because sex seems mundane, boring, or routine? If so, the intimate foundation of your relationship may be weakening as well. But, how do you keep your intimate times together fresh, exciting and fun? How do you make sex wild, hot and intensely passionate?

Do you remember the fun and excitement you experienced playing competitive games when you were young? Consider tapping into that thrill of victory to stimulate your sex life. Combine the adrenaline rush of an intense game with the intimacy and sensual delights of extended foreplay. With a bit of imagination, you can turn any ordinary game into an opportunity for great sex. And, with sex at stake, you both win every time.

Essentially any game for two (or more) can be enhanced using sex as a reward for the winner. You don’t even need to be playing the game – just bet intimate activities on various events or outcomes. For instance, if you are watching sports on TV, define foreplay activities to be enjoyed based on the winner, the number of points scored, anticipated events (scoring, goals, achievements, etc.) or semi-random events (penalties, accidents, etc.). Once you get the hang of this, you will start thinking of all kinds of foreplay activities you can assign to each potential event in the competition.

When creating a foreplay game variation from one of your own favorites, introduce a range of different intimate activities. Design them in a way that encourages you to sample various types and intensities of stimulation for a total sensual experience. More exotic activities could be assigned to rare events or as rewards for exceptional skill. Try to avoid excessive repetition of any specific foreplay activity unless you really, really like it. Write the activities down so you know what you are both playing for. The mental and physical stimulation of playing foreplay games together will transform your relationship.

For shy or slightly inhibited lovers, playing a normal game together can help get them into the mood. Prepare an inviting play area that suits the foreplay games you have in mind (pillows on the floor in front of a glowing fire with candles, wine and soft music is good). Then slyly introduce foreplay rewards and forfeits into the game. Include periodic, paced clothing removal – being forced to strip adds to the excitement. Build the intensity by escalating to more explicit types of sensual intimacy as the foreplay games progress.

Some example foreplay game ideas based on classic games are described below:

  • Queens Gone Wild An erotic variation of chess with a special focus on the queen. It incorporates stripping and foreplay activities based on how the queen is played. And, as with many women, in this game she gets to play again and again. Although the ultimate goal is to mate the king, playing with the queen makes this game more interesting. When a queen takes a piece, delightful pleasures result. When a queen is taken, even more fun takes place.
  • Remember To Have Sex An erotic adaptation of the Memory card game that incorporates stripping, sensual foreplay and passionate sex. Activities performed are determined by matching pairs of cards from a deck laid randomly face down. Attempt to find matches by turning over only two cards at a time. The player with the highest number of matches wins a special sex play activity or fantasy.
  • Erotic Risk This risqué game of world conquest and domination for lovers leads you through an increasingly more intense sequence of foreplay activities. The ultimate goal, of course, is to dominate each other and have fun doing it. Foreplay activities are performed when you capture countries from your lover. As the conflict escalates, so does the intensity of the foreplay. Win by conquering all the countries of the world. The victor receives the spoils of conflict and becomes supreme ruler with corresponding rewards.
  • Erotic Monopoly This is an erotic adaptation of Monopoly that allows you to buy happiness in the form of foreplay activities. Rather than renting houses, you build pleasure parlors and sell your special services. Foreplay activities are performed when a player lands on your properties and pays the appropriate fee. As the monetary stakes increase, so does the intensity of foreplay. You win when your lover has no money to pay for love and must sell their services to you.
  • Strip Dice This is an exciting game for any number of players but specially adapted for couples. It integrates stripping and random foreplay activities. Although anything is possible throughout the game, the probability of more intense activities increases as the game progresses. You will need five dice.
  • Sexy Sorry! This is an erotic variation of Sorry!. It incorporates stripping and foreplay activities when you “bump” your lover. When you send them back to the start, saying Sorry! just isn’t enough – apologize with sensual pleasuring. And, when you get a piece home, your lover strips off an article of clothing in anticipation of activities to come.
  • Size Matters This is an erotic adaptation of a card game similar to War (Persian Pasha) for couples who enjoy intimate games. In this game you want to make the prize as BIG as possible without losing control. Premature climax in each hand is not in your best interest. While attempting to Strip your lover of all their cards, receive foreplay activities whenever the winning hand is Filled with a Large number of cards. The player who wins all the cards or has the most after a specified time limit wins their favorite sex play activity or fantasy.

Foreplay games provide an exciting and fun way to introduce sensually/sexually playful activities as a means to increase the desire and anticipation for Great Sex. Sometimes foreplay becomes a routine path to sex without giving it the proper time, creativity and energy it deserves. Foreplay games can help pace the stimulating activities. And, even though you know the erotic possibilities at stake in the game, not knowing exactly in what sequence or how often creates an element of delightful surprise. The competitive nature of the game combined with just the right amount of strategy helps build the sexual tension (for a more intense release later) and increase the excitement. Pick an erotic game that both of you will enjoy and have fun playing with or without sex involved.

By now, everyone should know that extended foreplay makes for more intense orgasms. Increased sensual intimacy also enhances your sense of closeness and connectedness with each other. And, good sex helps improve your body chemistry for innumerable health benefits. Loving, playful sex together is meant to be a pleasurable bonding experience that strengthens your relationship and enriches your lives. Adult play is essential – take the time to have fun, experience wonderful pleasures and be happy. Bring more joy into your world today.

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