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iLoveRandomSex is not a sex game by itself but is intended to help you enhance your sex play. This easy to use application provides random combinations of sex play, foreplay and role play ideas that you can use to spice up your love life and stimulate more frisky fun in your relationship.

Some of the features are designed to give you a variety of foreplay activities that you can perform in quick succession to mix up your adult play on the fly. These can be used like sex dice or sexy rewards in a foreplay game. Other features provide erotic ideas either alone or in combination that will help plan and prepare for an amazing lovemaking session with your partner. They provide different ingredients to inspire more creative and interesting nights or days of sex play. However you use the ideas, you’re sure to find new ways to pleasure and enjoy each other.

This new version of i Love Random Sex also allows you to modify and add new ideas. When you hear about, see or think of a sexy new tip or technique to try, add the key idea into the app and it’ll come up later to remind you.

Lovemaking Lottery

Love Random Sex Lovemaking LotteryThe Lovemaking Lottery is designed around a slot machine style interface with numbers instead of cherries and bars. The digits can also be viewed as numbers on a lottery ticket. The numeric selector is comprised of six wheels and their numbers correspond to erotic ideas in each of six categories:

  • Accessories
  • Setting/Theme
  • Pleasure Him
  • Pleasure Her
  • Sex Play
  • Climax/Finale

This set of categories is designed to include elements of intimate play that can lead to Amazing Sex! The random combination of these six erotic elements are intended to stimulate more creative lovemaking ideas. It’ll entice you to experience a greater variety of pleasures and enhance your desire to play together more often.

Numbers on the wheels can be selected manually if desired or you can tap the icons below each wheel. The row of icons below the selector wheels are active – just tap one to randomly spin it’s wheel or reset it back to 0 (zero is blank or unselected) if it’s already set. You can also just tap the Feeling Lucky button to generate a purely random set of number values for each of the categories. Tap above the wheels to reset them all back to zero.

Numbers are used to map into lists of ideas for each category while also adding an element of mystery to your selection. Some numbers will just Feel Right. Use the software randomizer or select a favorite number in some other way (lucky numbers, day of the month, lottery tickets, current time, etc.). The same numbers map to the same idea each time so you can record your selection for other purposes later.

When you have a set of numbers selected in each of the categories (some can remain unset or zero), tap the Let’s Do This button to show the resulting ideas. This button will display the ideas for the numbers you have selected on the wheels. Depending on the device screen size, you may need to scroll the results view to see some of the idea views.

Sometimes the idea combinations may seem a little strange. It may be hard to imagine how they would all fit together. Consider it a creative challenge to integrate as many of the ideas together as possible even if they do create a strange combination. The idea display regions are scrollable if the text is not fully displayed. Also, if any of the ideas are unsuitable for any reason, just tap the reload button next to it and a new random idea will be displayed instead. Note the number in the title will update as well.

If you find a set of ideas you would like to try with your partner, tap the Share button. You’ll be given the option to Copy the text and paste it into another app or share it with other registered apps like Mail or Messages. You’ll also be able to edit the combined idea text to include any other details you want.

You can add or modify the erotic ideas in each of the categories. Note however that the spinner wheel will only show two digits so the possible selection values will wrap and appear between 0 and 99.

Sex Play Selector

The Sex Play Selector view allows you to generate random ideas from all the different categories (see list below). A scrollable table in the top section lists all the available options that can be selected. Tap one to show random ideas in the bottom section. At the top of the table list you’ll see six red die faces numbered 1-6. Tapping one of these will randomly select a corresponding number of categories. The results view will show a random idea from each of them combined. Individual categories can be specifically selected further down the list.

The individual idea categories are:Love Random Sex Idea Lists

  • Sensual Accessories: A variety of different types of items that can be creatively used to stimulate your senses.
  • Sexy Setting or Theme: Different settings, locations and themes for your playful encounter.
  • Pleasuring Him: Exciting male oriented foreplay ideas and techniques to be performed by his sexy female partner.
  • Pleasuring Her: Sensually and emotionally stimulating female oriented foreplay ideas to be performed by her male lover.
  • Sex Play Ideas: Activities and positions that provide a more intense continuation of your foreplay.
  • Orgasmic Climax: Sex activities intended to be performed near the conclusion of your lovemaking session.
  • Sex Toy Selections: Various types of sex toys and other items intended for intimate pleasure.
  • Lovemaking Locations: Novel and naughty places for passion. Enjoy sex in fun, new locations.
  • Vibrator/Dildo Play: Creative ways to use vibrators and dildos to enhance your pleasure.
  • Kinky Sex Play: Be extra naughty playing with forbidden and taboo desires.
  • Erotic Roleplay: Explore sexual fantasies and sultry situations with erotic roleplay.
  • Sex Tips To Try: Miscellaneous sex tips and techniques to try.
  • Sex Positions: Basic and advanced ways to wrap your heads, arms, legs and bodies around each other.
  • His Quick Tease: Like foreplay dice combinations, quickie activities to tease and tantalize her.
  • Her Quick Tease: Like foreplay dice combinations, quickie activities to tease and tantalize him.
  • Male Foreplay Ideas: Sensual foreplay activities and ideas for him to pleasure her.
  • Female Foreplay Ideas: Sensual foreplay activities and ideas for her to pleasure him.
  • Spicy Male Foreplay: Hot and spicy foreplay activities for him to perform.
  • Spicy Female Foreplay: Hot and spicy foreplay activities for her to perform.
  • Erotic Escapades: Erotic acts involving excitement, daring, or adventure to expand your sexual comfort zone.
  • Pleasure Promise Notes: Sexy promises, coupons or vouchers to use as love rewards or sexual forfeits.

Once an idea category has been selected, it’ll show a checkmark and a random idea will be displayed. Tap the category again to get a new idea or tap the reload button at the bottom. Use the Share button to send the idea to your lover using Mail, Messages or any other app you have registered for sharing text.

Fantastic Foreplay

Love Random Sex Fantastic ForeplayThe Fantastic Foreplay view is intended to be used instead of sex dice. It allows many more quickie foreplay options than using dice. Just tap the round Male or Female button to start. The Heart symbol will change to show sample foreplay dice actions and body parts. Tap again to stop the rolling action and display an activity for you or your partner to perform. Tap the Heart icon to have it randomly pick a male or female idea – the gender button will show a pulsing glow to indicate who should perform the activity.

There are four sets of combined his and her categories assigned as tabs along the top:

  • Tease
  • Toys
  • Foreplay
  • Spicy
  • Any of the other four

Selecting the Foreplay tab will include items from the Pleasure Her, Pleasure Him, Male Foreplay Ideas and Female Foreplay Ideas categories. Selecting Toys will display items from the Sex Toy Sections category but worded for either one or the other player to use it in a creative way even if for self pleasuring. The ideas in these categories are intended to be relatively short and fairly quick to perform.

Once an idea is displayed, the text will also be sent to the voice synthesizer unless the Carnal Commander switch is set off. Even with the switch set to off, you can tap the Carnal Commander button to have the erotic idea spoken.

Erotic Idea Editor

All the ideas in each category can be modified if desired. You can also add your own ideas. However, once an idea slot has been added, it cannot be removed unless you reset the category. Idea slots can be modified again later and reused if desired.

When you choose the Erotic Idea Editor, you’ll see a table with all the categories listed. Select one to display all the ideas in that category. The new screen shows all the ideas in a table. Just pick the idea to edit or tap the + button in the top right corner to add an item. A new idea editor screen will be displayed with a keyboard to make any changes you want. Tap the Save or Cancel button to return. Note that empty idea items will not be saved.

Also note that you can copy text from other apps and paste it into the idea editor box. If required, you can reset all the categories or specific ones to their defaults – the original idea list that comes with the app.

More Ways To Play

iLoveRandomSex is intended to be used when you are preparing to have sex with your partner but are looking to spice up your intimate time together. The idea combinations are designed to stimulate your creative imagination and help you come up with sex play activities that suit your own personal desires and preferences while also encouraging you to explore outside your sexual comfort zone. You may want to start with just one or two categories at first then include more as you get the hang of it. Here are a few other ways you can use iLoveRandomSex to enhance your sex life:

  • Randomly pick ideas for Pleasure Him and Pleasure Her. Each of you perform the activity then alternate selecting and performing new ideas until you are both ready for a random Climax.
  • When you are out shopping, choose a random accessory or sex toy and use the idea to come up with a special new purchase to bring home for your love play.
  • When you buy lottery tickets, use the numbers in some way to select ideas in the tool. Or pick a random sex number and use that to choose your lottery ticket numbers. Either way you are bound to get lucky.
  • Pick an idea combination you think your lover would enjoy and send them a coded text message with just the number sequence. Or leave a sticky note somewhere they are bound to see when you’re in the mood to get frisky.
  • Write a sexy story or fantasy for your lover using an idea combination. Seduce each other with your erotic imagination and inspire each other to express secret desires and explore exciting mental foreplay.
  • Use the numbers on players of your favorite sports team during an event. For instance, use the numbers of the first six player to score. Adjust their numbers within the idea count range as required.

Visit our iLoveRandomSex Blog at: for more detailed ideas. Leave a few comments about how you used Random Sex to improve your relationship and spice up your love life. Use your lucky number as the title with some tips other people might want to try too.

Creative Sex Ideas for Couples


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FRIG!!!! The powers that be removed the app. We will be working to get it resubmitted and reapproved however, they have been rather prudish about sex related content. Apparently promoting healthy sexual relationships is more taboo than war themed games. Extremely frustrating. Your support purchasing our other products will help to ensure we continue helping couples make sex more fun.


Other than storing your idea edits, the current game state and preference settings on your device, no other usage type information is tracked, transmitted or retained. Your device is protected by a secure personal PIN so no extra mechanisms have been built into the app for this purpose. Use of the Share feature to send ideas to friends or lovers is your own responsibility.

Disclaimer Notice

Safety, mutual respect and trust are essential in any sexual relationship. These elements are required for all intimate love play. The iLove Random Sex app provides a source of inspiration for new and more exciting sexual activities. It is intended only for consenting adult couples. Various combinations of sex related ideas are presented to stimulate your creative imagination and spark your desire for hot new sensual experiences. All suggestions and activities inspired by the content are strictly voluntary and should be performed at your own risk and discretion. Never coerce your partner to play a role or perform an activity that does not appeal to them. You should also avoid any position, activity or product which is not suitable to your physical or sexual limitations. If there is any uncertainty or doubt, discuss the ideas together with your partner. For additional information, please also refer to the many excellent books on human sexuality available in libraries and bookstores in your area.

Succulent Enterprises Inc. and the authors assume no responsibility for any injury or damage incurred while playing or performing any activities identified in this product. The ideas are intended for consenting adults who are knowledgeable of sex while still exploring and discovering their full sexual potential. If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor to ensure you’re healthy and fit enough to engage in sex.

Content presented in the iLove Random Sex app is of a sexual nature with intentionally suggestive themes. We have strived to maintain a wide range of acceptance as compared with information found in many commercially available relationship enhancement books. Although the content is intended for adult couples in an intimate sexual relationship, you may still find some of the textual details too explicit for your comfort level. View the material at your own discretion.

Sex is a very sensitive subject. People have radically different views on what is morally right and wrong when it comes to sex between consenting adults. Although attitudes have become more accepting of a broader range of sexual practices, many archaic laws still exist that prohibit specific types of sexual activities. Certain ideas in this erotic creativity app deal with activities that could be in violation of various federal, state and local laws if actually carried out in your location. We do not advocate breaking any law. The authors and publisher do not accept liability for any injury, loss, legal consequence, or incidental or consequential damage incurred by reliance on information, advice or suggestions provided in this product. The information is for entertainment purposes only.

Always use safer sex practices and common sense when performing or engaging in any sexual activity. The activity ideas in the product are intended for couples in a monogamous sexual relationship. All the sex ideas are intended to inspire your own sexual creativity so you can enhance your relationship with more pleasure and intimacy. They are only sexy suggestions for you to adapt and perform if desired at your own discretion.

By continuing to use this application, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and certify that you are of legal age to view sexually related information in your jurisdiction.


The iLove Random Sex app is dedicated to all couples striving to create a loving, long lasting relationship that is filled with joy and happiness. We hope the random erotic ideas spark your desire to creatively enhance your relationship with even more fun and pleasure. Stay frisky and playful as you grow even closer together.

NOTE: Images included as artwork for the iLove Random Sex app are stock photos, custom photos and composite designs. The artwork is very suggestive, but contains no explicit nudity.