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This website is intended for couples who know that creative, sexual intimacy and personal discovery are keys to a wonderful and truly fulfilling relationship together. A broad range of sexy suggestions are displayed throughout the website to whet your appetite for deliciously hot and juicy erotic experiences. Here is a list of our other couples oriented websites and blogs that may help to inspire your desire for even more amazing sex in your relationship:

For more ideas to improve your relationship, check out our EzineArticles Author page. We also have a number of books available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle format:

See Our Sex Play Book Collection. We are in the process of writing a number of other books.

And, if you have an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, you’ll also enjoy our sex play apps:

See Overview of Our Apps for Adult Play for more details. Note that we have been attempting to update these apps to keep up with the ongoing iOS changes. However, getting our sex-positive products approved by the “powers that be” is becoming more challenging recently. Some have even been pulled from sale. We are still working to make these apps available even though the process is extremely frustrating and inconsistent.

We hope these relationship enhancement resources help you discover creative and intimate ways to passionately play with the person you love. We want you to enjoy more sensual pleasures as you stimulate intense erotic excitement and passion in you love life. Having amazing sex together is an excellent way to enhance your relationship and enrich your lives together. When inspiration strikes, take a chance, seize the moment and start to enjoy the best sex of your life.

Note that many of apps and books support gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, threesome and mixed couples play.

Remember, prolonged foreplay is essential to improving your overall lovemaking experience. Extended pleasuring is one of the best ways to dramatically intensify your orgasm (or ensure you get one). We’ve created a variety of fun foreplay games to get your bodies pulsing with passionate excitement for each other. Just imagine the exquisite pleasure of exploring all your erogenous zones in new and creative ways.

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Frisky Foreplay is an Erotic Dice Game for Couples guaranteed to spice up your love life with creative new ways to make your adult play time SIZZLE! This risque game allows you to Tease & Tantalize each other while extending your pleasure and enjoyment. As you play this naughty game, be inspired with delicious foreplay tips and sexy ideas that will spark the flames of your passion. Enhance your relationship with skill and chance – explore for new erogenous zones and encourage each other to try new techniques, rarely used sex positions, unique accessories or even favorite toys in delightful new ways.


See Frisky Foreplay Erotic Dice Game for Couples for more information.

What better time to rekindle the flames of your passion and enjoy each other in many more fun and exciting ways. Inspire each other to go beyond the ordinary and make your adult playtime extra special. Get one of our games today and have More Foreplay Fun with the one you love. Loving affection is the best gift you can give or receive.

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