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Pleasure Promise Notes Overview

The person you love most may not be getting the intimate attention they require and desire. In our fast paced world, there are always so many other things you need do. You’re both busy and tired at the end of every day. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking

we’ll get around to enjoying more
fun and intimacy together eventually

But how many chances to make love have just slipped away. Why not let your partner know you’re thinking of their pleasure always. Let them know you’ll make yourself available when they most need or want your time. Give them a Pleasure Promise Note that they can redeem when ever they want. Give them a golden ticket to escape with you for a few moments of joyful bliss together.

Now you can use Pleasure Promise Notes to send sexy love messages to your partner with style. Rather than just a plain email or text, your promise of love and affection is enhanced with a selection of designs and images. To add a touch erotic mystery, your romantic thoughts are encoded on a special gold pleasure ticket.

When your special love receives your ticket, they can view the encoded message with this app on their device. Or, they can bring it back to you personally to find out what pleasures you intend to enjoy together. Think of it as a ticket to happiness.

Instead of buying a booklet with just a few sex coupons that can’t be modified, this app comes with over a hundred sexy ideas that you can customize to match your desires. Choose one when you want to:

  • reward your partner for being great
  • let your lover know you’re thinking of them
  • give your lover an easy way to accept a sexually adventurous or kinky proposal

Use Pleasure Promise Notes as a creative way to spice up your sex life. Even if you’re shy talking about sex, just choose a suggestive note with a new love play idea, send it and see what happens. Great sex together is too important to your relationship not to try.

Sample Passion Powers Sex CardStart with one of the default note ideas, personalize it with a few extra details, send it to your lover and anticipate your fun together. There are a variety of note styles to choose from including:

  • Love & Fantasy Sex CheXXX
  • Romantic Notes
  • Intimate Invitations
  • Hot Burning Desire Notes
  • Gold Erotic Credit cards
  • Frisky Business Proposals
  • Pleasure Prescriptions
  • Passion Power sex cards
  • Pick Your Pleasure cards

The app tracks which coupons have been sent, received and redeemed so you can save your printer ink and avoid printing your Pleasure Promise Notes. It’s faster and easier to send and receive your sexy love notes using your electronic devices.

Let your partner know that their pleasure is a priority to you. Send them a Pleasure Promise Note today. Then fulfil your commitment for mutual joy when they need and want you the most.

Creating Pleasure Promise Notes

A new Pleasure Promise Note can be made by simply picking one from a list. They’re ready made to send as is but you can edit each one to make it more special. Give each one a personal touch or completely rewrite them with your own sexy ideas.

Just tap the New Pleasure Promise button. The Create Pleasure Promise screen will show a list of notes to start with. Tabs along the top let you filter the available notes into the following categories:

  • Loving
  • Romantic
  • Playful
  • Erotic
  • Spicy

Tabs at the bottom allow you to filter the notes For Her and For Him. The table will show available notes based on the filter tabs you’ve chosen. Select a note from the table to show it in the Design Note view. This is where you can edit various details before sending it.

The list of available notes displays an image providing some indication of the type of content. The style name and identifier tag is shown as the title. The sexy note (or a portion of it) is also shown as detail text.

Editing Pleasure Promise Notes

Sexy Love Notes Idea ListsOnce a starting note has been selected, it will display at full size (scrolling may be required on some devices). Tapping on one of the design elements presents a popover edit box, date selector or image picker. Depending on the note style, there may be:

  • a recipient
  • a sender
  • main note text
  • additional note
  • identifier label
  • use by date
  • decoration image

Some designs do not include all elements and many can be set blank if desired. The purpose of these elements may also change depending on the design style chosen.

At any point during your editing, you can tap the Switch Design button to get a list of available base designs to use. When a new design is selected, all the design elements are readjusted (position, size, font, color, etc.). The number of lines and characters allowed in each text box may also be adjusted. Some text elements may no longer fit appropriately so additional edits may be required after a design style change.

When you tap on the decoration image, a popover will show a list of available images that you can choose to use instead. You can use one of the provided images or tap the plus button to choose one from your photo library. See Erotic Art & Sexy Images for more details.

To see what your final Pleasure Promise Note will look like, tap the circular button in the top right corner to show the full image sized to fit the device screen. Tap it again to show the gold pleasure ticket and again to get back to the design edit mode.

Sending Your Pleasure Promise

When you’re satisfied with the design of your pleasure promise note, tap the Send button to give it to your lover. The sharing interface will display a variety of ways to send either the note image with the gold pleasure ticket or just the ticket. This interface will enable you to save the image in your Photo Library, attach it to an email or send it via iMessage. Other social media type sharing options may also be available depending on which apps you have installed.

When sending a note without the restricted editing icon showing, both the full size design image and the gold pleasure ticket image will be generated. During the share process, you’ll be able to use both or delete one of the two before you complete the share. The identifier tag message will also be included with iMessage and email options. This can be edited, removed or replaced with your own text. It’s intended to provide some context for the image being sent so it’s not a complete surprise.

Once sent, the data for the note will be saved so it can be redeemed later.

Revealing a Pleasure Promise Note

When a gold pleasure ticket has been received, it can be scanned using this app. The note details will then be decoded and displayed. Just tap the Reveal/Redeem button on the main screen, then:

  • If you received the ticket on a different device, tap the Scan Pleasure Note Ticket button to scan it using the built in camera. Once the camera image appears, position your device to view the QR Code on the ticket. If a valid code is detected, the note will be displayed.
  • If you received the ticket on this device, just save the image to your Photo Library. After it’s been saved, and you’re back in the app, tap the Get Ticket in Photo Library button. Then choose the ticket image you just saved. It will be scanned, decoded and displayed if valid.

If a valid code can be read from the ticket, the corresponding note will be revealed. The note can then either be stored in your Received list or converted into an editable note using the Clone button. Other than potentially missing a custom decoration image (see Erotic Art & Sexy Images), the design should appear exactly as intended by the sender.

Sample Sexy Gold Card Love Message

Note that you can scan a gold pleasure ticket that is displayed on another device. However, when selecting a ticket for scanning on devices with a small screen, you may need to zoom in on it for the QR Code reader to properly detect the data. Zoom and center the square code so that it fills as much of the screen as possible without being clipped.

Also note that other QR Code reader apps can read the data however they will NOT be able to decode your message or display it.

Redeeming a Pleasure Promise Note

When a scanned ticket contains a code that matches one stored as Sent, it will be displayed in a similar way as above. Instead of a Store or Clone option, you’ll be given the option to Redeem it. If redeemed, the note moves from your Sent list to your Done list.

You can also redeem a Pleasure Promise Note manually without scanning its ticket. In the scanning view, you’ll see three tabs: Sent, Done and Received. Tap the Sent tab and you’ll see a list of all the sexy love notes that you’ve sent. Select the one you want to redeem to view it. Verify it’s the one you want and tap the Redeem button.

Once a love note has been redeemed, it will be moved to the Done section. You can select one of these and clone it so it can be resent with a new date or other modifications.

Note that Pleasure Promise Notes usually have an “expiry date” to encourage you to use them often and actually take time out to enjoy each other. However, there’s no mechanism to verify the expiry date or automatically expire notes. Why would you ever want to deny your lover any opportunity for pleasure especially if it’s past due?

Sample Kinky Sex CheXXX

Erotic Art & Sexy Images

Erotic art can be aesthetically pleasing or provocatively shocking. The images selected for the packaged Pleasure Promise Notes are appropriate yet relatively tame – they’re erotic and suggestive without being too explicit. Excessive nudity and graphic images of sexuality were purposely avoided. But art is very subjective and personal so we’ve added the ability to replace the default artwork with your own sexy images. You want to use a picture that is meaningful to each other and compliments the note you’re sending. Make it special with your own pictures of each other. Maybe include pictures of sensually playful items you have or want to enjoy.

Just tap on the decoration image and choose the option (circled plus sign) to select an image from your photo library. Your custom image will be stored separately with the app once you provide a unique name. These are separate copies so using them in the app will not effect what’s in your photo library. Once saved, they will be available for use again with other notes.

Note that custom images will not exist on your partner’s device by default. These images will not display if your lover scans a ticket using the app on their own device. However, you can use the iTunes File Sharing option to extract your custom images and add them onto your lover’s device. You can even add your own custom decoration images directly from your computer using this interface. Use only JPG and PNG images with a size between 200 and 600 pixels square for best results. Avoid using folders since only the top level image files will be processed.

NOTE: If you visit an erotic art website or online sex store using the browser on your device, you can tap the image and save it to your photo library. Other images you’ve obtained from other sources can also be imported into your device’s photo library. Images should be at least 200 pixels wide otherwise they’ll be scaled and may appear pixelated. Rectangular images will be centered and scaled to fit with the aspect ratio preserved.

Depending on the design style and image used for the default note, a restricted editing icon

may be shown. Currently, these can be unlocked by choosing another note design or choosing another decoration image. Restricted editing may prevent changing the note text or the decoration image. For these notes, only the ticket image is sharable. More images and note styles will be unlocked in future versions either for free or as in app purchases.

When using your own custom images with an unlocked design style, you can send an image of the full note instead of the gold pleasure ticket. Or use the process described above to put your custom images on your lover’s device as well.

Sexy Love Notes for Couples


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Other than storing your pleasure promise note data, custom images and preference settings on your device, no other usage type information is tracked, transmitted or retained. Your device is protected by a secure personal PIN so no extra mechanisms have been built into the app for this purpose. Use of the Share feature to send sexy ideas to friends or lovers is your own responsibility.

Disclaimer Notice

Safety, mutual respect and trust are essential in any sexual relationship. These elements are required for all intimate love play. The Pleasure Promise Notes app provides a source of inspiration for new and more exciting sexual activities. It is intended only for consenting adult couples. Various combinations of sex related ideas are presented to stimulate your creative imagination and spark your desire for hot new sensual experiences. All suggestions and activities inspired by the content are strictly voluntary and should be performed at your own risk and discretion. Never coerce your partner to play a role or perform an activity that does not appeal to them. You should also avoid any position, activity or product which is not suitable to your physical or sexual limitations. If there is any uncertainty or doubt, discuss the ideas together with your partner. For additional information, please also refer to the many excellent books on human sexuality available in libraries and bookstores in your area.

Succulent Enterprises Inc. and the authors assume no responsibility for any injury or damage incurred while playing or performing any activities identified in this product. The ideas are intended for consenting adults who are knowledgeable of sex while still exploring and discovering their full sexual potential. If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor to ensure you’re healthy and fit enough to engage in sex.

Content presented in the Pleasure Promise Notes app is of a sexual nature with intentionally suggestive themes. We have strived to maintain a wide range of acceptance as compared to information found in many commercially available relationship enhancement books. Although the content is intended for adult couples in an intimate sexual relationship, you may still find some of the textual details too explicit for your comfort level. View the material at your own discretion.

Sex is a very sensitive subject. People have radically different views on what is morally right and wrong when it comes to sex between consenting adults. Although attitudes have become more accepting of a broader range of sexual practices, many archaic laws still exist that prohibit specific types of sexual activities. Certain ideas in this erotic creativity app deal with activities that could be in violation of various federal, state and local laws if actually carried out in your location. We do not advocate breaking any law. The authors and publisher do not accept liability for any injury, loss, legal consequence, or incidental or consequential damage incurred by reliance on information, advice or suggestions provided in this product. The information is for entertainment purposes only.

Always use safer sex practices and common sense when performing or engaging in any sexual activity. The activity ideas in the product are intended for couples in a monogamous sexual relationship. All the sex ideas are intended to inspire your own sexual creativity so you can enhance your relationship with more pleasure and intimacy. They are only sexy suggestions for you to adapt and perform if desired at your own discretion.

By continuing to use this application, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and certify that you are of legal age to view sexually related information in your jurisdiction.


The Pleasure Promise Notes app is dedicated to all couples striving to create a loving, long lasting relationship that is filled with joy and happiness. We hope the erotic ideas spark your desire to creatively enhance your relationship with even more fun and pleasure. Stay frisky and playful as you grow even closer together.

NOTE: Some images included as artwork for the Pleasure Promise Notes app are stock photos, private photos or composite designs. Design styles and decoration images without restricted editing are custom photos and graphic designs. Also note that, to conserve memory and reduce download size, certain images are reused for multiple notes. Most are intended as placeholder images to be replaced with your own choice of erotic art or personal pictures.

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