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Frosty glass mugs of beer pressed against naked flesh is one way to get her nipples hard. But let’s take a look at something else that will get your lover even more excited.

Sensually Beautiful Glass Dildos
Sexy Love Toys for Couples

You may have come across a glass dildo and yearned to feel its sleek hardness yet feared the thought of glass near your most sensitive regions. But just imagine as a delightfully designed glass dildo slides in firm and slippery smooth. Every contour and exotically textured undulation stimulating waves of pleasure that build until intense muscle contractions convulse and quiver around it. For your self or your lover, glass dildos are definitely hot and cool too. Discover why you should have at least one and some sexy suggestions for enjoying them with your partner.

If you desire firm, hard dildos, you can choose from dildos made of acrylic, stainless steel and even polished marble. Glass dildos have some amazing properties that make them extra special though:

  • Ultra sexy smooth surface
  • Non-porous for easy cleaning and safety
  • Artistically unique colors and textures
  • Superior strength medical grade composition (Pyrex or Borosilicate glass)
  • Temperature retention (lingering warm or cool sensations)
  • Hypoallergenic and Lasts a Lifetime

Designer glass dildos are truly beautiful creations intended for visual and physical stimulation. Not only are they visually appealing, the spiral wraps, ribs, bumps, twists and curves used to style glass dildos are also designed to stimulate. They come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes to suite any desire:

  • Classic Penis: similar in style to other penis shaped dildos, these tend to have smooth heads with textured shafts (ribs, spirals, nubs, bumps, grooves). The head may be curved to support improved G-spot stimulation and is usually larger than the shaft.
  • Love Wands: are more of an abstract phallic design with special contours and bulbs different on each end. Straight or curved, these glass dildos may be smooth or textured along the shaft.
  • Batons: are very similar to the classic penis shaped dildos with an added handle grip at the base. The handle enables a more intense grinding action and can be wiggled, tapped, flicked or rotated easily while the dildo is fully inserted. When masturbating alone, the extended handle can be rubbed or pushed against a pillow or bunched up blanket for hands free stimulation.
  • Spinners: also known as “juicers“, these cleverly shaped instruments of pleasure have a shorter dildo attached to a round plate at the base. The head of the dildo is designed with a slight offset shape or ribs so that when it is turned, it stimulates the G-spot. For added pleasure, the round base plate also has small bumps or ribs designed to stimulate the clitoris as you spin it. Spinners allow you to dial an orgasm whenever you need.
  • Double Dongs: are effectively double ended, penis shaped dildos. Each end may be shaped, colored and textured differently so they can be used individual for different sensations or with a partner. As with Batons, the extended length can be used for some hands free wiggling and grinding.
  • Double Penetration: dildos are specially designed for both anal and vaginal penetration simultaneously. Although the futuristic designs are intriguing, you will want to carefully select one that suites your physical needs – they don’t bend to fit!
  • Anal: back door glass toys come in the form of butt plugs and explorer wands. Butt plugs have a tapered shape to facilitate easy entry and a flared based to ensure they don’t get lost in the “black hole“. Explorer wands tend to have progressively larger bulbs or ribs with a larger base used as a handle. Some anal toys are specially designed to massage the prostate for intense orgasms and improved health.

Check out these Glass Gems and explore a variety of exciting love toys for your self and your lover. There is a gorgeous selection of glass and steel dildos for when you need it hard. These hard dildos are great for G-Spot stimulation to give her gushing, squirting orgasms. Either for masturbation or to extend love making, sexy glass dildos are delightful instruments of pleasure. They are excellent gifts for yourself, your lover and special friends too. These erotic gems come in an extensive variety of artistic color combinations from crystal clear to opaque luminescence. Some even glow in the dark. Just think high end, hand made, erotic art as you enjoy a touch of glass.


For more sexy suggestions for selecting and using these glass sex toys, see our full article: Luxury Love Toys – Sexy Glass Dildos

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