Hot Juicy Sex Talk Game for Couples

Feeling Frisky and Naughty? – Get your creative juices flowing with a fun game of suggestive, random words sure to stimulate your erotic excitement. Play as a couple or with a small group of friends. Up to six individuals or teams can play.

Speak Your Dirty Mind – Gain points by making up a silly or sexy sentence using wildly wonderful word combinations. Say it out loud for all to enjoy. Make it as funny, dirty, erotic or disgusting as you can.

Succulent Expressions Game Status View

Tantalizing Trains of Thought – Let your naughty ideas flow without over thinking or censoring them. Have fun seeing and hearing how each other work through different dirty thought combinations. Get your mental train onto the “wrong” side of the tracks and enjoy the ride.

Alternative Adult Play – Turn on stripping and drinking for added entertainment. Couples can add sex play to the game too. Come up with creative foreplay ideas then perform them for bonus points.

Tip of the Tongue Trophy – Play alternates until one player or team reaches the score limit. Making up and performing sexy activities helps to earn points faster. Agree on your own sexual stakes or foreplay forfeits to make this sexy game even more exciting.


Rich in desirable qualities,
affording mental nourishment,
highly interesting, enjoyable
and, of course, juicy.

Stimulate your erotic imagination and whet your lover’s sexual appetite with words. Succulent Expressions is a Hot’n Juicy adult game with lots of sex talk to get you both excited. You’ll love talking dirty to each other all night long.

Succulent Expressions Game Status View

Version 2 Enhancements

Here is a list of improvements and enhancements that have been added to version 2 of the Succulent Expressions game:

  • Now available for iPad and Apple TV devices
  • Now allows up to 6 players or teams
  • Optional time limit with 60 second count down timer
  • A few new sounds have been added
  • New juicy logo, images and app icon
  • Supports device rotation
  • Allows use of words, letters or both
  • Easy, Normal and Harder game modes
  • More words have been added

The updated version does rely on newer iOS features and may not be compatible with some device models or OS levels.

Detailed rules and other information about the game is provided below.


Be the first person or team to reach a target score. You’re shown 8 random words each turn. Earn points by making up a single, grammatically correct sentence using as many of the words as you can. Try to make up silly, dirty, erotic or disgusting phrases. Say them out loud for all to enjoy. Get bonus points if you come up with a fun sentence that you can perform and actually do it.

Game Setup

Up to 6 players or teams can play. Default names are assigned to each player slot but they can be changed by tapping on them in the scoring section. You can also use the popover dialog to add in or remove players from the game. Players/teams can leave, rejoin later and retain their current score.

Succulent Expressions Game Status View

The target score (30, 40, 50, 60, 80 or 100), game level (Easy, Normal, Harder) and game type (Letters, Words, Both) can be set in the Options popover menu. You can also switch on a 60 second time limit and optional drinking, stripping and foreplay activities in this dialog.

Succulent Expressions Game Status View

How to Play

The starting player or team is automatically selected. The turn order is randomized to begin a new game. This sequence includes all six player slots even though some may be ghosted if they are not currently playing. Options and players can be changed during a game already in progress.

On your turn, perform any actions shown and tap continue when ready. When your word list is displayed, tap and say each word as you use it. Tap it again to toggle it off if you change your mind. You must create ONE long sentence using as many words as you can. You can change the tense or make a word plural if desired to suit your sentence. For instance, lap can be lapped, lapping, laps and blow can be blows, blowing, blew or blown.

If given a single letter, come up with any word that starts with it. When given a word in < >, think up your own word that matches the idea. Example: <food> could be cucumber, sausage, cream, melons, etc.

Try to get through each turn quickly. Avoid over thinking and just let the ideas flow out loud. You’ll be amazed how creative you can be. You don’t have to come up with the full sentence right away. It’s fun seeing and hearing how people work through different thought combinations.

If the time limit is set on, a 10 second count down warning will show. When it gets to zero, the word buttons will be set inactive. You can still get the current turn points if a valid sentence was completed.

Play alternates until one player or team reaches the target score limit.


As you tap each word, its selected state will toggle and your current turn score will be updated. When you’re done with your word list, tap the End Turn or Bonus button to update your total score.

There are three game levels you can set in Options that determine how many words need to be used before gaining a point:

  • Easy Game – 3 words
  • Normal Game – 4 words
  • Harder Game – 5 words

The game level also determines the maximum turn score possible. This means that harder games may take longer to win.

If you opt for bonus points, an alert pops up to confirm that you’ve performed the activity you made up. You can score 1 bonus point even with a zero turn score if you perform an activity involving at least two words.

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Alternative Adult Play

Depending on which options are turned on, other activities will come up to make the game more interesting. As you gain more points, the next player or team may be required to take a drink, strip an article of clothing or kiss and lick an exposed erogenous zone. The recipient of any foreplay is determined by the player performing it. The status screen indicates the actions that need to be performed by the current player or team (shown in the title).

Couples can make up and perform sexy dares or foreplay activities to help earn points faster. You can also agree on your own sexual stakes or foreplay forfeits to make playing and winning the game even more exciting.

Team Play

When you’re with a group of friends who are all feeling a little naughty and looking for some excitement, start up a game of Succulent Expressions. It’ll get your party started with hot talk and hilarious laughter. Split up into teams or play individually. It can be guys versus the girls or couples pairing off.

Succulent Expressions is a combination stripping, drinking and foreplay game all in one. Unlike Strip Poker that requires cards, chips and time to setup, with this frisky word game, all you need is your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. You can get playing quickly anywhere at anytime.

If you’re playing with Drinking on, all team members should take a drink. Depending on how many games you want to play and how fast you want each other naked, stripping could be done by alternating players within a team or everyone at the same time. If alternating, play best 2 out of 3, 3 out of 5, etc. games based on the number of players per team. You’ll need to negotiate how to perform foreplay activities with each other using a similar or different strategy based on how comfortable you are with each other.

Couples Play

Succulent Expressions was designed to be played by couples to help stimulate hot erotic talk and creative foreplay. You’ll come up with many different types of random sex ideas as you play the game. When you play with foreplay in mind, try to use fewer words but use them in a sentence describing a foreplay activity you can perform. This will get you bonus points in the game and with your partner. You may even want to help each other out with helpful hints leading to your pleasure. Be sure to choose an appropriate reward for the winner.

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Extra Details

Here are a few extra details about the game:

  • Any Change in the Options always take effect immediately. However an existing status message may not be updated if it is related to the existing turn. For instance, if you are asked to Strip and go into the options screen to turn off Stripping, it will still show that you need to strip.
  • If a game is already won, you can increase the score limit to continue playing.
  • If you reach a certain score and set the limit lower, the next turn will determine a winner based on the highest score.
  • For stripping, the game assumes each player has 4 items of clothing on – adjust the articles you remove accordingly. If you have more, strip completely naked if the other team wins.
  • If the bonus activity is going to take a while to perform, click the Done button to lock in your points before powering down to conserve the battery.
  • Making up a sentence that you can perform can earn you double points. If it involves another player and they refuse, you don’t get the points.
  • Words in < > are category ideas that provide an extra level of challenge. They open up the possibilities which can make it more difficult coming up with something especially under time pressure.
  • Two words can be used to fill in the blank for category ideas.
  • Drinking should be whatever you are comfortable with and in moderation. You want to loosen your inhibitions but still be able to speak clearly.

Note: Please drink responsibly and in moderation. Alcohol consumption and sexual activities should only be performed by mature, consenting adults. Always use safer sex practices and common sense when drinking and/or engaging in any sexual activity. Enjoy these types of optional game play activities at your own risk and discretion. Also see our Product Terms of Use that relates to all our apps, books and games.