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  Fuck! Me  

Feeling caged in a sexual dungeon, your love life drained? Want hot, passionate blood in your ‘veins’? Get your juices flowing with Suck! Me and spice up your adult play today. Take a chance. Roll the dice. Make Sex Fun Again!

NEW in Version 2: To spice up the game even more, hundreds of gender specific activities from our Extra Naughty Frisky Foreplay game have been specially adapted with a vampire theme and included in Suck!

Suck! Me Game Overview

Oral Sex Game With Vampire ThemeSuck! Me is a vampire themed foreplay game for two players. Roleplay and pretend to be seductive vampires, sensual victims and horny hunters engaged in a sexy struggle of primal passions and deviant desires. However, instead of sucking blood, sexual vampires feed on the orgasmic energy of their prey. While the voracious vampires are seeking fresh flesh to lick and suck on, hunters are out to slay their oral lust. These purity protectors have a stake in preserving the pleasures of penetration.

The objective of the game is to become the top vampire or head hunter (pun intended). Gain sucking and “staking” skills by performing erotic challenges and activities as you chase each other around the board.

Come and enjoy a game of dominance and submission with lots of sensual foreplay to get your blood flowing. Discover if the Master or Mistress in your bedroom will rule the night. Who will control your pleasure possibilities?

Setup & Preparation

The game setup is handled by the software automatically. All you need to do is select a few of your favourite sex toys and accessories to enhance your fun. Keep them handy to play with as part of the various erotic activities and challenges. At a minimum, select a vibrator, dildo, butt plug, an artist brush, some holy oil (regular lube and flavored) and some frozen holy water (ice cubes). These and other erotic accessories are referred to in various creative ways such as stake, impaler, scepter, etc. Creatively adapt any of the foreplay ideas to your available toys as required/desired.

You may also want some red wine, cherry liquor, or chocolate sauce to be used as pretend blood or feeding fluid. Any scene with a glass of liquid implies that you should take a drink if desired. The green potion can refer to anything you want.

To help set the mood and support the theme of the game, light a few candles and turn on some creepy background music.

You can start the game naked, semi naked or fully dressed. Put on gothic style clothing or vampire costumes if desired. There are activities that involve stripping. With clothing on, some activities may need to be forfeited if they are not yet possible or practical to perform.

Suggestion: keep a wet cloth and towel handy so you can do a quick cleanup of your hands if necessary before touching the iPad again after performing a foreplay activity.

Special Note: For certain erotic challenges, consider using a dental dam or plastic wrap with flavored lube. One or more of these can be especially useful if you are a little squeamish, but you still want to participate in the sensual experience with your lover.

How To Play Suck! Me

The Master or Mistress token will pulse to indicate the current player. A flaming gender symbol will also be shown next to the blood meters and a text message will be displayed. On your turn, tap the fiery demon eyes or the Roll turn button on the black heart.


This will start the dice rolling. The dice will drop automatically, or you can tap again to stop the dice and reveal what you rolled. Then:

  • If either of the two die are numbers, you can drag your token a corresponding number of spaces. Alternatively, you can tap on the die and your token will be moved automatically. Once a move has been made, the dice will be crossed with a red X and disabled.
  • If both die have a number displayed, you can choose either one of the two but not both. When a move has been made, there is a chance that a Perform or Pay foreplay idea will be displayed. These come with a blood penalty if not performed and a random bonus blood if done.
  • If a bonus symbol is displayed on either of the two dice, you can choose to play it as your move. Random bonus items are also displayed on the board and work in a similar way. See Bonus Items for more details. Note that the Vampire, Vampiress and Hunter’s Stake are special draggable items that you place on the board.
  • If two words are displayed (one on each die), creatively perform the indicated forplay activity for your partner (if possible), then end your turn without moving. If only one word is displayed, it will be crossed with a red X and disabled.

Sample dice are displayed below. Numbers and words will be displayed on flaming rune stones while bonus items will be icons on a black background.


When a player has moved or a bonus item has been activated, the dice will fade to black and a new information or mood scene may be displayed. Tap the Next turn button on the black heart when you’re finished your move and have performed any foreplay activities. This will setup the next player to Roll.

Bonus Items

Drag the Vampire symbol to any ownable location on the board that can have it’s control or ownership changed (Blank, Vampiress, or Dagger).
Drag the Vampiress symbol to any ownable location on the board that can have it’s control or ownership changed (Blank, Vampire, or Dagger).
Drag the Dagger symbol to any ownable location on the board that can have it’s control or ownership changed (Blank, Vampiress, or Vampire).
Note: Ownable locations start out blank but may be fogged over. Corner, bonus feature, locked and current player token locations cannot be taken over. If control of the location you want cannot be changed, the symbol will not be placed. The die will still be active so you can try some other location. It is possible that no valid locations are available in which case you will need to forfeit this turn option. Once a side is completely owned by one of the above three types, it gets locked with a chain displayed along the side.
Display a Fang or vampire oriented erotic challenge that involves a foreplay activity with a blood bonus.
Display a Heart or hunter oriented erotic challenge that involves a foreplay activity with a blood bonus.
Tap this symbol to receive a blood bonus. It is added either to your heart or fang meter automatically based on current levels. If your rival has many more droplets in their meters than you do, a blood droplet may be removed from one of their meters instead.
This feature works identical to the Blood Bonus symbol above. It is the board version of the die symbol and is activated when a player moves onto a location displaying it.
When a player lands on a location with this symbol, the Vampire fang blood will be increased by one. It is only available as a board feature.
When a player lands on a location with this symbol, the Vampiress fang blood will be increased by one. It is only available as a board feature.
When the Burning Heart is activated by selecting the die or landing on a location with this feature, your Heart blood will be adjusted toward your Fang blood level. Your Heart blood may be increased or decreased by one.
When the Demon Lover is activated by selecting the die or landing on a location with this feature, your Fang blood will be adjusted toward your Heart blood level. Your Fang blood may be increased or decreased by one.
When the Bible is activated by selecting the die or landing on a location with this feature, a random rival location may be taken over by a hunter. A random blank location may also be taken over by a hunter.
When the Evil Bible is activated by selecting the die or landing on a location with this feature, one or two random Hunter locations may have their control removed.
When the Vision Spell Book is activated by selecting the die or landing on a location with this feature, the fog is randomly cleared. Also, the other player should strip one item of clothing if they are not fully naked.
When the Red Potion is activated by selecting the die or landing on a location with this feature, a random unowned or hunter owned location is taken over by you as a vampire. Both players should take a drink to celebrate.
When the Green Potion is activated by selecting the die or landing on a location with this feature, a random vampire of the opposite gender is switched. If no location is available to swap gender, a random hunter location is taken over if available. Both players should sample something stronger to celebrate.
When the Witch is activated by selecting the die or landing on a location with this feature, all or some of the locations will be either fogged or cleared of fog. Also, all the features on the board will be randomly changed.
When a player lands on a feature and activates it, the feature will change to a new one. However, since the player is currently on the location, it cannot be revealed yet so is designated a Mystery feature. It will be revealed when the next player lands on it.
Only available as a die feature, activating moves your token to the Castle if unoccupied.
Only available as a die feature, activating moves your token to the Church if unoccupied.
Only available as a die feature, activating moves your token to the Dungeon if unoccupied.
Only available as a die feature, activating moves your token to the Cemetery/Tomb if unoccupied.

Suck! Board Layout

Suck! Me Sex Game Board DesignThe Suck! Game uses a fairly simple board layout. To make things more interesting, most of the locations start out covered in fog to add a bit of mystery. The corners are indicated with Castle, Tomb, Dungeon and Church symbols. These are special locations referenced in the activity cards. There are also Fang and Heart icons located on select squares around the board. These correspond to the Vampire and Hunter cards respectively which provide various types of themed foreplay challenges. The two dice (located under the fiery eyes) contain faces with movement numbers, game bonus items and foreplay (action/target) words.

The Vampire/Hunter skill levels are located below the board at the bottom of the screen. They are in the form of chain links hanging from a cross toward each player’s pair of fang/heart icons. Blood droplets are added from the cross dripping down toward these symbols to indicate your skill level as a vampire or hunter. When a droplet enters the fanged mouth or heart, the skill level is filled. The blood droplets represent how much energy is fueling your passion in each area.

The game design is setup with various user interface elements mirrored on each side. The left side shows the Master levels, status indicators and buttons. The Mistress levels, status and buttons are on the right side.

The player tokens are in the shape of a full yellow moon with gender symbols to designate male/female. A pulsing token indicates which player is currently playing. The Master or Vampire Lord starts the game at the Castle. The Mistress or Vampiress Queen starts the game at the Dungeon. Movement is normally clockwise around the board unless otherwise indicated by the dice or cards. The current player token can be dragged to a new valid location or tap one of the dice to have it move automatically.

Extra Details

Like any game, there are always a few extra details to keep in mind when playing the game. These help keep the game interesting and you’ll notice them as you play.

Starting Player

The starting player is chosen randomly with turns alternating. The token of the current player will also pulse. Other indicators include:

  • a flaming gender symbol is displayed between the blood levels next to the cross
  • a status message box is displayed at the bottom of the screen

These items are hidden or displayed on the left (Master) or right (Mistress) side of the screen depending on the gender of the current player.

Location Control & Locking

When a player moves to certain locations, its ownership may be changed unless the side was fully controlled and locked. If it was blank, it will show a vampire or vampiress symbol to match the player. If it was owned by the rival vampire, it’s taken over by the hunter with a stake. Once all the ownable locations on a side have been set to the same owner, it becomes fully controlled and locked (indicated by a chain).

If a player moves onto a locked location owned by the hunter or rival vampire, they will be caught trespassing. The rival player will receive a blood bonus. Locations controlled by a rival vampire give a fang blood bonus. Hunter controlled locations work for/against both players and give a heart blood bonus to the other player.

Corner Protection

Corner locations are considered safe zones offering some protection and a source of power. You cannot move onto a corner location if it is already occupied. If it is the only option you have based on the dice rolled, you must forfeit your turn. Heart and Fang erotic challenge cards may force players into a corner location, but if it is occupied, the other player will escape to another corner.

Erotic Challenge Cards

Suck! Me Erotic ChallengeWhen a player moves to a location with a Heart or Fang symbol (or selects the corresponding die option), the corresponding erotic challenge card will be displayed. Player tokens may be repositioned based on the contents. Each card has an activity to be performed if desired to receive a blood bonus. The activity is completely optional but should be performed to receive the bonus.

If you perform the challenge as described, tap on the image to add or remove blood droplets from the appropriate meter. Take note of the subject and target of the activity. Sometimes you will perform the action and other times you are the target. Most are gender neutral but some specify male or female activities. To keep with the theme, players are referred to in different ways (victim, prey, hunter, vampiress, apprentice, etc.). Remember that each player takes on multiple roles throughout the game. The player with the card usually selects from any available choices unless otherwise specified.

Special Note: some foreplay activities indicate restraining your partner or that they have been restrained. Certain quick release restraints (cuffs, ties, ropes, etc.) could be used in your play if desired. However, pretend bondage using hypnotic mind control, magic or other supernatural powers could be just as effective.

Capturing Your Rival

When you land on the same location as your rival, you capture them and receive a bonus. A popover will be displayed with a stripping bonus and four possible add/remove blood options. You can play as the vampire and add fang blood or remove one of your rival’s heart blood. You can also play as the hunter and add heart blood or remove one of your rival’s fang blood. Once you make the selection, your rival will escape to the Castle or Dungeon.

Double Digit Perform or Pay Foreplay

When both dice show a number, an optional foreplay activity may be displayed. However, to encourage players to try new activities, they come with a penalty if not done. The current player should decide if they want to peform it or pay the price. Their rival then chooses to be involved as well or pays the price. If performed, either or you may receive a random blood bonus.

The foreplay ideas increase in intensity based on your current blood levels. There are six levels ranging from Warm & Loving to Wild, Nasty, Kinky and Taboo. Each level comes with 36 activities determined by the numbers on the dice. These have been specially adapted from our Frisky Foreplay game and added as optional, vampire themed sex play ideas to spice up Suck! even more.

Extra Foreplay Switch

On the options screen, there is a switch to enable extra foreplay. When turned on, this increases the probability of rolling foreplay words. Setting this on also increases the odds of seeing Double Digit Foreplay. It can be turned on or off anytime during the game.

Spoken Foreplay Switch

On the options screen, there is a switch to turn on spoken foreplay. When turned on, the game uses the built in text to voice synthesis speak the foreplay words rolled. This occurs only if both dice show one of their action/target words.

Winning Suck! Me

Suck! Me can be played in Quick or Full mode. In a quick game, the first player to fill one of their blood meters wins. In a full game, the first player to fill both meters wins. In either case, if there is a tie, the current player wins. If a player wins a quick game, there is an option on the final screen to keep playing as a full game.

The meter that gets filled to win the game determines the reward. If the heart blood meter is filled as the winning action, the hunters win and you both enjoy good old fashioned intercourse to remove any residual vampire tendencies. The winning player chooses the style of penetration. If the fang blood meter is filled as the winning action, the vampire or vampiress wins. To rule the night, they convert their rival into a vampire by allowing them to perform oral pleasuring to orgasm.

Creative Sex Game for Couples


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Unfortunately, although we have developed an Apple TV version of the app, the “powers that be” have not approved it for sale. We are still attempting to get this version through the process. A new version with lesbian themed vampire activities is also in progress, but it may be held up in the same frustrating approval process. Frig!!! They recently removed the iPad version too.

As an alternative, you may be interested in our vampire themed sex game books available from Amazon:

They are designed to use dirty word search puzzles in a very creative way.


Other than storing the current game state and preference settings on your device, no other usage type information is tracked or retained. Your device is protected by a secure personal PIN so no extra mechanisms have been built into the app for this purpose.

Disclaimer Notice

Safety, mutual respect and trust are essential in any sexual relationship. These elements are required for all intimate love play. The Suck! Me Game provides a source of inspiration for new and more exciting sexual activities. It is intended only for consenting adult couples. Various combinations of sex related ideas are presented to stimulate your creative imagination and spark your desire for hot new sensual experiences. All suggestions and activities inspired by the content are strictly voluntary and should be performed at your own risk and discretion. Never coerce your partner to play a role or perform an activity that does not appeal to them. You should also avoid any position, activity or product which is not suitable to your physical or sexual limitations. If there is any uncertainty or doubt, discuss the ideas together with your partner. For additional information, please also refer to the many excellent books on human sexuality available in libraries and bookstores in your area.

Succulent Enterprises Inc. and the authors assume no responsibility for any injury or damage incurred while playing or performing any activities identified in this product. The ideas are intended for consenting adults who are knowledgeable of sex while still exploring and discovering their full sexual potential. If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor to ensure you’re healthy and fit enough to engage in sex.

Content presented in the Suck! Me Game is of a sexual nature with intentionally suggestive themes. We have strived to maintain a wide range of acceptance as compared with information found in many commercially available relationship enhancement books. Although the content is intended for adult couples in an intimate sexual relationship, you may still find some of the textual details too explicit for your comfort level. View the material at your own discretion.

Sex is a very sensitive subject. People around the world have radically different views on what is morally right and wrong when it comes to sex between consenting adults. Although attitudes have become more accepting of a broader range of sexual practices, many archaic laws still exist that prohibit specific types of sexual activities. Certain ideas in this erotic creativity game deal with activities that could be in violation of various federal, state and local laws if actually carried out in your location. We do not advocate breaking any law. The authors and publisher do not accept liability for any injury, loss, legal consequence, or incidental or consequential damage incurred by reliance on information, advice or suggestions provided in this product. The information is for entertainment purposes only.

Always use safer sex practices and common sense when performing or engaging in any sexual activity. The activity ideas in the product are intended for couples in a monogamous sexual relationship. All the sex ideas are intended to inspire your own sexual creativity so you can enhance your relationship with more pleasure and intimacy. They are only sexy suggestions for you to adapt and perform if desired at your own discretion.

By purchasing and continuing to use the application, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and certify that you are of legal age to view sexually related information in your jurisdiction.


The Suck! Me Game is dedicated to all couples striving to create a loving, long lasting relationship that is filled with joy and happiness. We hope the erotic vampire themed ideas spark your desire to creatively enhance your relationship with even more fun and pleasure. Stay frisky and playful as you grow even closer together.

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