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We’ve just finished a major redesign of our Sexy Suggestions website. It’s finally come together (no – not a simultaneous climax, but that’s always something to strive for). We’re now starting to populate the site with new juicy content. We want to have fun with this website and hope you’ll enjoy it together with your lover, partner or spouse. Great sex is important in so many ways.

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Do You Want to Re-Ignite Your Passion?

Most people find sex to be “enjoyable” but still have a feeling that something is missing. Are you spending less time playing together because sex seems mundane, boring, or routine? If so, the intimate foundation of your marriage may be weakening as well. But, how do you keep your intimate times together fresh, exciting and fun? How do you make sex wild, hot and intensely passionate?

You are here searching for exciting tips and techniques to improve the intimacy in your relationship and find the spark that will reignite your sex life. An over whelming volume of information is available in books, videos, magazines, and websites. All promise to add sizzle to your life but most leave you disappointed and unfulfilled. Stop wasting your precious money and time – there is a better way.

In my quest to find techniques to preserve and enhance my own marriage, I purchase almost every book on love, romance and sexuality that I encounter. Some are so pathetic they don’t even deserve your time let alone your money. There are of course many exceptional books and products on the market that I highly recommend. Most of these products have at least one fascinating or intriguing tip buried in the extraneous content – Do you have time to find them?

I am not a sex therapist or high profile author – just a regular guy intent on honouring my vows with just one woman. Throughout 20 years of marriage, I have purchased well over $5000 worth of books, magazines, videos, games, and adult playthings to improve the intimacy and emotional connection with my wife. The money and countless hours spent researching and experimenting with new love making techniques is one of the best investments of our life together.

I want to make the sex and foreplay ideas, tips, and techniques that we have discovered available to you in a concise and easy to use format. Rather than having sex toys that end up collecting dust, I want to encourage you to use them in creative new ways. Instead of quickly reading, then forgetting and never using the sexy tips in books, with this website, you’ll enjoy an unfolding discovery of your sensuality and sexual creativity.

Here are just a few of the ideas you will learn about:

  • Products that will have you both bouncing with joy.
  • Things to do with your feet that will have you running to the bedroom.
  • New shopping experiences even men will be interested in.
  • Regular games with special new rules to make them even more fun.
  • Accessories that will make exotic sex positions easy and more pleasurable.
  • Fascinating objects for adult play that will amaze and delight your senses.
  • Special treats to savour before, during and after to make sex totally erotic.
  • Intense activities that will make your blood race to all the right places.
  • Exciting quickies that will leave you both breathless and wanting more.
  • Items in your home that have an erotic potential to provide amazing pleasures.
  • Sensual experiences that will stimulate a deeper connection with each other.
  • Techniques and opportunities to explore and expand your mental boundaries.
  • Romantic, novel and wild locations that will dramatically increase your fun factor.
  • Aural sex – how your voice and certain words can stimulate intense orgasms.
  • Scientific discoveries that you can use to increase desire and satisfaction.

And, of course, there are hundreds of fantastic foreplay activities and sex play positions to add to your sexual repertoire. We will share with you amazing tips, techniques and ideas gathered from many diverse sources – nuggets of sexual creativity that are simply fantastic.

Here are just a few of the benefits we intend to provide you as a regular visitor to Sexy Suggestions:

  • Exciting ideas you can use to continually surprise and delight your partner.
  • Enjoy your lover’s heightened anticipation for your next intimate encounter together.
  • Unique methods to ensure that your intimate desires are satisfied.
  • New ways to engage your partner and encourage their desire for you.
  • Gain increased confidence to experiment and experience new sensual pleasures.
  • A regular installment of new sensual games guarantees you more foreplay.
  • Receive detailed reviews to help guide your buying decisions (avoid the crap and purchase only quality adult products).
  • Learn fantastic new ways to use the products you may already own.
  • Renew your intimacy and strengthen the connection with your partner.
  • Feel secure knowing that you can and are satisfying your partner sexually.
  • Become aware of unimaginable sensual secrets – Stop missing out!

With each Sexy Suggestion you allow yourself to experience, you’ll learn to Enjoy Better Sex !!!

You’ll have more intimate fun together with your partner and, as a result, Enjoy More Sex !!!

Even if you are not yet in a long term relationship, you will benefit from these ideas. Continual learning, personal discovery and self improvement are especially important if you are still single or just entering into a new relationship.

Insure a Successful Relationship
It takes more than Love and Good Intentions

Amazing Sex is Essential!

Consider how important loving intimacy is to your relationship and how critical it is to your life in general. Is your lover or spouse worth the time? Are you?

There is no point in wasting any opportunity to enjoy yourself and to bring happiness to the one you love. The secrets to amazing pleasure can be yours now. Each time you visit Sexy Suggestions, you will discover fabulous tips and sex related information that will enrich your relationship in ways that will transform your life. You will be amazed how good sex increases your level of happiness and ultimately your success in all your endeavours.

What are you waiting for? Start enjoying Better Sex – before it’s too late.

I hope you enjoy this website as much as we enjoy researching and developing it for you.


Michael Kortekaas

P.S. This website has been long in coming. My wife and I started this internet business to pursue our passion together. While learning and discovering more ways to enhance our pleasure, we figured we could help enrich the love lives of other couples too. It’s our belief that great sex can help improve all aspects of your life from your health to your wealth. Financial freedom and spiritual/emotional fulfillment also go a long way toward enhancing your relationship. With more time, money and energy available to you, you’ll definitely have more opportunities to experience intimate pleasures with the one you love. If you’re interested in starting up your own website, check out our Frisky Foreplay affiliate resources.

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