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If sexual passion has fizzled in your relationship, it may be dormant, but your need for it is still alive. You can bet your lover is aching for it too. Is it time to try something different, to introduce fresh ideas that will re-awaken your passion for each other? Discover new ideas that will ignite your desire for intimate, sensual pleasure. With a minor investment in learning, you can both be sexually satisfied together.

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Learning is a life long adventure. Even if you have read something before, your mind and body may now be ready to receive the knowledge in a new light and with a new perspective. So, even if you think you already Know That, check out a few carnal knowledge resources and see if you are ready to learn something new and wonderful today. Dare to Desire More for yourself and your lover.

  • How to Give a Blowjob – from basic fellatio techniques to advanced blowjob tips, this is a great overview of how to perform a blow job and discover how to have more fun with fellatio. Women love giving blow jobs too – it’s now just for his pleasure.
  • How to Perform Cunnilingus – discover how to go down on a woman and enjoy the sensual intimacy of cunnilingus together. Learn how to give her amazing oral pleasure including advanced oral sex techniques and positions.
  • How to Have Anal Sex – anal intercourse can be an exciting and taboo addition to your sex play. Learn how to perform anal sex so it’s pleasurable for both of you.
  • G-Spot Stimulation – discover tips on how to find and stimulate her G-Spot. Get the facts and experience the intense pleasures of G-spot orgasms. Also see Female Ejaculation and see if you’re one of the lucky few who can get extra wet.
  • How to Stimulate Her Labia – enhance her sensual pleasure with touching, erotic massage and oral stimulation of the labia which has lots of delightfully sensitive nerve endings. Also learn the facts, tips and techniques on How to Stimulate Her Clitoris to give her intense pleasure and multiple orgasms.
  • How to Stimulate Nipples – teasing and tantalizing tips and techniques for stimulating this hot erogenous zone on both men and women.
  • Female Masturbation – a how to masturbate guide for women that’ll help get you comfortable with your body. Learn facts and tips for exploring your body and discovering your erogenous zones. Masturbation is a great way to practice how to achieve orgasm and enjoy sensual pleasure.
  • How to Give a Rim Job – rimming or anallingus is a taboo pleasure many couples enjoy. Learn some facts and tips for performing a rim job to see if it’s something you might like to explore with your partner.
  • Prostate Stimulation and Prostate Orgasms – the prostate or P-Spot can be thought of as the G-spot for men. Learn the facts, tips and techniques for how to stimulate his prostate for intense orgasms and stronger ejaculations.
  • Pubic Hair Removal – discover a few tips and techniques for how to shave pubic hair to avoid some of the nasty problems that can be really irritating.
  • Exploring Fantasies – various ways to explore your fantasies with your partner and enjoy more creative sex together. When you’re ready to stimulate your erotic imagination even more, check out our book 123 Frisky Sexual Fantasies & Erotic Roleplay Ideas: Dare to Play Naughty Sexy Scenarios for Couples available as a paperback or as an instant download to your Kindle.
  • How to Tantra – find out the basic practices involved in this ancient art of spiritual sexuality. Get in touch with your mind and body together with this introduction to Tantric Sex.
  • Introduce Sex Toys – rather than just for masturbation, sex toys can be a great addition for couples to play with together. Discover how to introduce sex toys into your relationship so you’re partner feels comfortable with them too.
  • How to Use a Vibrator – ideas for selecting and using vibrators alone and with your partner. Explore different types and designs to find one or more that works just right for you.
  • How to Use a Dildo – tips for selecting and using dildos alone for masturbation or creatively with your partner. There are lots of different sizes, shapes and materials to choose from.
  • How to Use Cock Rings – have you ever wondered what these were for or how to use them? Learn how to choose and put on a cock ring properly.
  • Caring For Your Sex Toys – with all the different kinds of sex toys and materials used to make them, there are a few tips for taking care of them properly so they stay clean and last as long as possible.
  • How to Use a Strap-On – adding a strap-on to your sex play can be fun regardless of your gender or your partner’s. Discover how to choose a strap-on and tips for using it with your partner.
  • How to Power Play – a beginners overview to bondage, discipline and sadomasochism (BDSM) sex play.
  • Control Ejaculations to last longer in bed. Discover ways to prevent premature ejaculation so you can both enjoy sex until you’re both fully satisfied.

The above How To Have Better Sex resources are female friendly and are written by qualified experts in human sexuality. These resources do contain explicit diagrams intended to educate. Each carnal knowledge resource also provides related links and recommended toys or accessories. Be Informed. Check one out today.

As a special treat for your sex kitten, learn how to pleasure her pussy so that she purrs with delight and then howls in ecstasy. Try to create blended orgasms by using toys or your fingers to stimulate her G-spot while also licking her clitoris sensually.

In Lick By LickHow to Go Down on a Woman And Have Her Begging For More, you will learn the delicious art of pussy pleasuring. Male or female, learning how to creatively craft climaxes with cunnilingus is essential knowledge. Learn to master the techniques of oral orgasms or gain a new perspective on the pleasure possibilities. Either way, this ebook will provide invaluable tips to enhance your loving skills. You can download it right now.

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For more detailed and extensive courses on various types of sexual pleasure, check out these sex courses and information programs from a variety of sex experts. Their sex tips and techniques will inspire you to enhance your love life with more sexual variety and many more orgasms.

  • Orgasmic Sex Positions – advanced sex positions for better and more intense orgasms. Discover ways to improve clitoral and g-spot stimulation during intercourse.
  • Double Her Desire – secrets to boost your lover’s sexual desire and make her beg for more hot wild sex. Reignite the passion in your relationship.
  • Sex Starved Couple – learn how to sexually reconnect with your partner and revitalize your sex life. Make sex and intimate pleasure a priority in your relationship again.
  • Tantric Touch Techniques – guide to tantric sex that taps into the forgotten sexual wisdom of this ancient practice. Enhance your lovemaking pleasure and awaken your deepest sexual desires.
  • Mastering Her G-Spot Orgasms – advanced techniques to give her intense G-Spot Orgasms. Learn how to find and stimulate her G-Spot and give her intense sexual pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.
  • Erotic Massage for Better Sex – sensual massage techniques to relax her mind, body and soul. Learn how to give your lover a full-body erotic massage that will lead to some very hot sex.
  • Naughty Fingers – advanced fingering techniques to tease and tantalize your lover as you build the pleasuring sensations to an intense orgasm. Learn the secrets on how to use your sensitive fingers to intimately stimulate all her intimate erogenous zones.
  • Hot Licks Cunnilingus Guide – discover how to encourage your lover to want you to go down on her over and over again. Learn the oral sex techniques to give her exquisite pleasure until she moans in orgasmic ecstasy.
  • Secrets of Female Orgasms – advanced information about female orgasms and the secrets you need to give your partner as many as she can handle.
  • Turn Her On Faster – give your lover the best sexual pleasure she’s ever had when you learn the advanced foreplay techniques to seduce her mind and body. Discover how to turn her body on before having sex and see how intensely hot your lovemaking can be.
  • Anal Pleasure for Her – an erotic guide to sensual female anal sex. Learn the forbidden truths about anal play for straight couples and how you can enjoy this taboo sensual pleasure.

I encourage you to watch their videos and sign up for their newsletter to discover new ways to improve your relationship with great sex. Both you and your partner are sure to have a much more fulfilling and satisfying sex life together.

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