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With the busy lives people lead today, couples are discovering way too late that they’ve drifted apart. All too often the emotional connection and love fades because people neglect having intimate conversations together. Couples end up cornering each other with these four dreaded words – “We Need to Talk“. Everyone knows this is leading to something serious.

When dating, couples know that talking together is essential. Not only is it a chance to get to know each other better, talking creates an emotional connection. These romantic conversations help develop trust in each other. However, as their relationship matures, many couples end up talking less about their intimate thoughts, feelings and desires. Topics of conversation shift to other priorities. Unfortunately the focus tends to be on things outside the relationship. After time, this can lead to communication problems that could cause the relationship to break down eventually.

But you don’t have to let this happen. Even if you think you know your partner and there’s nothing new to discover, you might be pleasantly surprised. With the right questions you can start interesting conversations that’ll renew your love for each other. As we encounter new experiences we grow, learn and evolve how we think about things. New information obtained from various sources can change our perspective while affecting our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. As we change, our partners are changing too. By not keeping in close touch with the person you love, your lives may drift apart without even realizing it. Take the time to renew your intimate connection by talking more about your innermost thoughts, secret desires, fears and goals.

As you discuss your relationship, you’re bound to uncover issues that need to be fixed. But you’ll also discover ways you can work together to improve your relationship. By talking more about each other, you’ll also strengthen the bonds that keep you in love. As you create new levels of emotional intimacy, you’ll find your sex life improving as well. Think of how many hidden sexual desires have been left unexplored. Take a chance to start an intimate conversation with your partner and see where it leads.

Whether you’re starting to date, about to get married, or currently in a long term relationship, there are times when you might not know what to talk about or how to bring up a sensitive subject. It can be tricky finding the right way to start a conversation about subjects like love, sex and how the relationship is going. But it’s important to find out. By avoiding relationship questions, you may never find the answers you need to resolve issues until it’s too late. To help couples improve their relationship and fix their marriage, we started a new blog called Love & Sex Questions for Couples. We’ve posted a number of articles with sex questions to ask your partner. Here are links to some of the main articles.

We hope you enjoy these sexy questions as conversation starters or just to make you think. Some are fun and playful while others are more serious. Please check out the blog and add a comment with some of your own questions or answers that you would like to share. Use the questions and recommended resources as inspiration to renew the intimacy in your relationship. Also, take a look at 500 Intimate Questions for Couples and 1000 Questions You Must Ask Your Partner for more information.

Also, for more fun sex questions, don’t forget about our book 469 Fun Sex Questions for Couples: Ignite Your Desire With Hot Talk and our Sex Questions app. Our Spicy Dirty Truth or Dare app is also a fun way to reveal each other’s dirty desires.

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