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Does your sex life involve quietly performing the same routine in the dark night after night? Rather than sex being just a physical act, there are some easy ways to add excitement to your sex play. The sensual experience of making love together can be greatly enhanced by engaging all your senses. Every one of your five senses contributes to your mood to some degree. By setting the scene for your romantic or sexy encounter you can create an atmosphere for loving, sensual pleasure. Relaxing or exciting, sights, sounds and scents have the power to stimulate your most potent sex organ – your mind. So, come out of the dark and experience sex in a whole new light.

You can use various types of lighting and sound to creatively enhance your love life. By mixing and matching these two ingredients, you can spice up your sex play with an erotic and emotional flavour. Even subtle visual and aural elements can turn a good sex session into an absolutely fantastic lovemaking experience.

When watching a movie together, consider how the lighting and sound sets the tone for the action. From sultry and steamy to pulse pounding intensity, combinations of lighting and sound can create a totally magical experience. You don’t need a big budget to produce erotically charged sex scenes. With a few ideas and a little imagination, you can easily make your lover feel like a star in your very own sex play. Rather than hiding yourselves quietly in the dark, discover each other and creatively direct sensational sex scenes together.

Mood Light

As mentioned, lighting affects our moods and therefore our ultimate enjoyment of sex. The type, color, intensity and design of the light source can excite or relax with many erotic variations in between. Both men and women are visual creatures and are aroused by sexy sights. In the right light, seeing each other in the throes of passion may be your best form of visual stimulation. Here are some mood lighting ideas:

  • Candles: The flickering light of even a single candle can add an enchanting mystique to any room. Candles create a soft radiance that gives your bodies a warm glow. Subdued lighting also makes the surrounding décor feel cozy and private. Stained glass candle holders can enhance the effect even more.
  • Fireplace: Making love in front of a blazing fire or the smoldering red embers afterwards can be a delightful, romantic experience. Even without a real one, you can recreate the sensual effect with a fireplace video and a portable heater. Or, get an Electric Fireplace Heater with Adjustable Flame Colors.
  • Moon & Starlight: Although best far from city lights, making love outside in the star or moonlight can be an erotic adventure. Plan a special outing to coincide with a full moon.
  • Sunset/Sunrise: A classic for romance, sensual intimacy during a sunrise or sunset can make them even more special.
  • Strobe light: Imagine having wild sex in a pitch black room streaked with flashes of each other erotically frozen in your mind. The intensity of the flickering, stop motion style visual stimulation can be extremely thrilling. Bright colored lingerie adds to the effect.
  • Flashlight: Use a small pen light to shine on areas of your body that you want stimulated. Turn it into a foreplay game. Start with a feather or artist brush, then touching, licking and sucking. Have your lover shine the flashlight on an erogenous zone that desires your focused attention.
  • Rope & String Lights: Use decorative LED lights to add a special touch or fancy design for special occasions. Create a heart shape on the ceiling, border a mirror, showcase a collection of sex toys or design a futuristic role playing environment.

Try out different colored bulbs in regular light sockets (orange, green, blue, purple, black, flickering, etc.). A dimmer switch is important too. Also try lava lamps, fiber optic lights, spot lights, glow in the dark items, etc. Some lights can even be controlled with music to pulse with different colors and intensities. Experiment with various types of lighting to enhance your mood and sexual enjoyment. Use your creativity to explore the full erotic potential of mood light. There are so many wonderful possibilities to play with.

Aural Sex

Many people have a preference for aural stimulation. Music, for instance, can almost instantly trigger a change in mood. And, a sexy voice can be very erotic. Words and sounds can convey sensuality and lust. They can arouse desire and stimulate mental images or fantasies. For some people, sexy sounds are better than explicit visuals. Here are some ideas for aural stimulation:

  • Talk Dirty: Phone sex is big business for a reason – it can be very erotic. A sensual voice can arouse fantasies with descriptive suggestions. Explore nasty slang or romantic euphemisms from books or movies. If you are a little shy, dabble in some phone sex with your lover to practice. Erotic stories read aloud and whispered descriptions of your desire are good aural treats.
  • Art of the Moan: Both men and women enjoy lovers who moan as an expression of their passion. “Oohs” and “Aahs” combined with some dirty words of encouragement add to the mental thrill. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for each other with sounds of pleasure. Recorded sounds of sex or even background porn can also be arousing.
  • Exotic Sounds: Use CDs with recorded sounds of nature (waves, rain, thunder, a gushing river, blowing wind, etc.) to transport yourselves to a pretend fantasy location. Depending on the type of fantasy or roleplaying game, special sound tracks could enhance the setting. Consider a dungeon scenario with special sound effects reminiscent of an inquisition or a crowd cheering your private sex show.
  • Mood Music: Depending upon the type of mood you desire, try instrumental music to guide the rhythm and pace of your love making. Calming peaceful music will encourage slow and sensual touching, kissing and licking. Music with a heavy, pulsing beat will encourage intensely passionate sex. Try to find music that builds intensity smoothly to help guide your bodies to an ultimate climax.
  • Erotic Dance: The right music is essential when you want to perform a good erotic dance or strip tease for your lover. Seductive and sultry music is great for enticingly slow movements. Faster paced, sexy rock/pop music is excellent for stimulating desire for wild, passionate sex. Slow dancing naked together is a very intimate, romantic and sensual activity that can be done as foreplay or after play.
  • Oral Sex: When enjoying cunnilingus, play some instrumental music that starts soft and slowly builds intensity. Use the rhythm of the music to guide your tongue movements. Consider creating your own sound track with multiple songs that are relaxing yet arousing – 20 minutes of oral pleasuring should be about right.
  • Sensory Deprivation: Try having your lover wear a blindfold and noise cancelling headphones. Without being able to see or hear you, build erotic excitement with unexpected, creative sensations. The anticipation of each touch will make all their erogenous zones buzz with excitement.
  • Guided Fantasies: Erotic CDs with detailed fantasies are available that can be used during masturbation or as a means to arouse your desire before making love. With special sound effects and read by seductive voices, the audio programs can guide and stimulate your mental images with delicious results.

Try different sources and types of sound to help explore your aural erogenous zones. Experiment in the art of erotic talk and, with practice, you will become comfortable offering your own aural stimulation. There are books and programs available to help refine your aural skills.

Learn to seduce each other and make love with words. Expressing yourselves in this way may also encourage you to have more intimate discussions and improve other aspects of your relationship.

As you can see, there are many ways to create an atmosphere for sensual pleasure and passionate sex. Mix and match the ideas and explore the full erotic potential of light and sound in your love play.

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