Sexy Questions About Creative Foreplay Ideas

Creative Foreplay

Foreplay is an extremely important part of an intimate sexual relationship. But the type and quantity of foreplay that we desire changes all the time. To feel fully satisfied, an orgasm is not always enough. Quality time together enjoying mutually shared pleasures is what makes for an emotionally fulfilling sex life. Emotional intimacy also involves a range of feelings from affectionate caring to intense passion to naughty fun.

Here are some sexy questions to ask your partner. Start an intimate conversation and explore new ways to spice up your sex life. The following are just a few samples of the daily sex questions on our website. These have been selected to help you discover how sensually creative you and your lover can be.

Spice Up Your Sex Life
With Creative Foreplay Ideas

We hope you enjoyed this video. The list of questions with additional information is included below if you prefer to read the material.

What new types of foreplay would you enjoy experimenting with?

Even if sex is really good, new sensual pleasures before and after intercourse can enhance your erotic menu. Just like different appetizers and desserts can add new life to the same meal every night, a few new foreplay ideas can transform the intimacy in your love life.

Stranded together on an exotic island, what items would you wish for in a pleasure chest?

Imagine you’re stranded together on a fancy exotic island resort all alone. It’s fully stocked so you can live comfortably but there’s no phone, radio or internet. You have all the time in the world for intimate play and as much pleasure as you can handle. All you need to do is figure out what extra ingredients would help make sure the sexy fun never gets boring. For ideas, see our article Pleasure Chest for Adult Play.

What creatively sensual activities can you imagine doing to each other with an artist brush?

Try blindfolding your lover then use a soft brush to lightly tickle their body. Add some flavoured massage oil and delicately stroke and swirl around sensitive spots and become a sexual artist.

What form of erotic communication would you like to experiment with while we are apart?

When you’re away from each other for any length of time, it’s always nice to keep the home fires burning with desire. You could send text and instant messages throughout the day or even record and send voice, picture and video messages to each other. Like mental foreplay, you can flirt electronically to build anticipation for sex later. For longer periods away, experiment with phone sex or compose erotic fantasies in a letter. See our article Talking Dirty Foreplay Tips for Couples.

In what creative ways can you imagine using ice in your sex play?

Stroking your lover with an ice cube can be fun foreplay. Sucking on an ice cube before performing oral sex is another sensual treat. But let your imaginations run wild and think out of the ice box for this sex question. You’re sure to come up with some very cool lovemaking ideas to make sex even hotter. For example, put a glass dildo in ice water before using it on her hot pussy. Or try making an ice dildo for some great summer sex play. And for your sexy winter games, try having a quickie outside in the snow.

What forms of “mental foreplay” help you get in the mood for sex?

Your brain is your biggest sex organ. It controls your level or excitement and how you respond to arousing stimulation. With mental foreplay, you can get your brains in on the action. Think of ways to turn each other on without physically touching. Erotic sights, sounds, tastes and smells can all be used in various combinations to get your lover thinking about hot sex with you. See our article How to Get in The Mood With Romantic Foreplay for inspiration.

In what ways would you like to spice up foreplay so it’s more fun and lasts even longer?

Although most women desire more foreplay in their love life, they want a partner that enjoys it too. Foreplay should be fun, playful, sensual and pleasurable for everyone involved. Good foreplay is mentally and physically stimulating for both of you. Mutually enjoyed pleasures help create emotional bonds that are essential for many women to feel sexually fulfilled. These moments of sensual intimacy are crucial for maintaining a healthy sex life together.

Take the time to ask each other fun questions that get you both thinking and talking about all kinds of sexy new erotic ideas. You may just come up with a few new pleasure possibilities to try tonight.

For more fun and intimate conversation starters, visit our Love and Sex Questions For Couples blog.

Also check out our book: 469 Fun Sex Questions for Couples: Ignite Your Desire With Hot Talk available on Amazon. Get closer by talking together more often and discover ways to enhance your relationship. We hope you enjoyed the video and the list of intimate questions to ask your partner.

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