Frisky Foreplay Couples Game Available on iPhone/iPad

Feeling Frisky

To help you spice up your relationship with more sexy foreplay ideas, we’ve converted one of our best selling sex games into an app for the iPhone/iPad. Frisky Foreplay is a hot dice game for intimate, loving couples. It challenges you to perform erotic activities based on what you roll with three dice. You play…

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How to Get in The Mood With Romantic Foreplay

In The Mood For Sex

Lights, Sound, Action Set the Mood for Hot Lovemaking! Does your sex life involve quietly performing the same routine in the dark night after night? Rather than sex being just a physical act, there are some easy ways to add excitement to your sex play. The sensual experience of making love together can be greatly…

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Talking Dirty Foreplay Tips for Couples

Hot Phone Sex

Talking Dirty is Hot Foreplay Use Aural Sex to Turn Each Other On Ever wonder why phone sex is such a big business? Guys will spend many dollars a minute for hot, dirty talk from sultry women. And women swoon over a sexy voice and devour romance novels with descriptive scenes of seduction. Although most…

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Sexy Questions About Hot Love & Wild Sex

Lovemaking Questions

The most important part of sex actually comes before sex! Mental foreplay and emotional intimacy are essential for maintaining sexual desire. Discover how you can increase the passion in your love life and get more sex just by asking each other the right types of questions. Here are some sexy questions to ask your partner…

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Sexy Questions About Creative Foreplay Ideas

Creative Foreplay

Foreplay is an extremely important part of an intimate sexual relationship. But the type and quantity of foreplay that we desire changes all the time. To feel fully satisfied, an orgasm is not always enough. Quality time together enjoying mutually shared pleasures is what makes for an emotionally fulfilling sex life. Emotional intimacy also involves…

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