Random Sex for a Change

Random Sex Dice

Has your sex life become comfortable to the point of being mundane or boring? Do you need to spice it up before external temptations seem like the only way to get your blood flowing again? Maintaining the thrill, passion and excitement in your relationship requires change to engage your minds and bodies. Even subtle changes can make a regular activity seem extraordinary, spectacular and especially memorable. Change can be bit scary but it is inevitable and absolutely necessary. With a sense of adventure, an open mind and a desire for more fun, you can take control of change and experience loving pleasure in entirely new ways.

But, with all the pleasure possibilities available (ranging from simple sensual foreplay to advanced Kama Sutra positions to kinky fetishes), what change do you desire and how do you choose? And, how do you introduce new ideas to a partner that may resist venturing outside your current sexual comfort zone? Jumping out of the closet with a strap-on might be too much of a shock at first. In fact, for many couples, just the thought of discussing new sex ideas can be intimidating. However, assuming your lover is happy being content with so-so sex deprives you both. Chances are, random acts of sex could be just what you both need to create win-win sex changes.

Random Sex techniques can be used to add a creative flair to your lovemaking style. Keep your lover on their toes with anticipation not knowing what new sex play combinations you will come up with. Even changing the sequence or combination of your normal sex activities can add spice to your sex life. So enjoy some random sex changes and have Great Sex.

There are a number of fun ways to introduce random sex into your lovemaking:

  • Foreplay Games: Most foreplay or sex games are designed to introduce a variety of sensual activities in different sequences. There is usually a game board with foreplay activities performed based on the roll of some dice. And many also come with one or more decks of cards with more detailed pleasuring instructions. Shuffling these erotic game cards randomizes the sequence and type of sensual stimulation you receive or perform. Set aside an adult game night at least once a month – play together to stay together. For game and activity ideas, check out our book Sex Games & Foreplay Ideas For Couples: Be Naughty Play Dirty Together.
  • Forfeits Foreplay: Although skill is involved, most games and sports events include elements of chance. Any game or sport can be made more thrilling by introducing an intimate wager. Either participating or viewing with your lover, these games can be enhanced when playing for sexual forfeits or rewards. Choose a game or sport you are both interested in and agree on a sexual forfeit or reward system that suites it. Depending on the game, reward activities can be based on winning, a point spread, special objectives or when/if specific events occur. Designing the sexual forfeits together is foreplay too.
  • Lucky in Love: Create a list of options related to a type of lovemaking activity you would like to experience. Your list could have as few as two ideas and as many as you can think of. When you have a variety of different foreplay or sexplay activities, use a randomizing technique to select one or more to enjoy. With a little imagination, you can use darts, dice, spinners, cards, coins, pool balls, etc. in creative ways to get lucky with the one you love.

By agreeing to play the game and adhere to the rules, even timid lovers will be encouraged to push their boundaries and overcome their sexual inhibitions (to some extent). Even if you stick to less adventurous sensual activities, randomizing your normal routine will create more interest and excitement. You may even discover a new sex sequence that will become your favorite.

Some other quickie, random sex idea selection mechanisms include:

  • Write ideas on slips of paper and pick one from a bowl.
  • Pick a random scrabble letter and come up with a sex idea starting with it.
  • Use dirty word cards to make up a sentence describing an intimate idea.
  • Obtain special dice with different number values or letters to match foreplay ideas. You can buy sex dice but it may be more fun to make up your own.
  • Use sex position or XXX cards to choose an activity to experience.
  • Flip a coin to choose from two possible options (oral sex vs intercourse, mutual masturbation vs anal sex, etc.).
  • With a random number, calculate a page number in a sex book (fantasies, letters, Kama Sutra, sex manual, etc.) and perform the activity or position described.
  • Spin a glass dildo or plastic vibrator in the middle of various toys or accessories – use what it points to.
  • Use weekly lottery numbers to create a unique foreplay/sexplay sequence (see below for an iPhone app we created to generate random sex ideas for you).

When you do choose a new sex idea randomly, integrate it with other love play activities you are both comfortable with. You can even use these random techniques yourself to come up with creative new love play activities – keep your sex life fresh and your lover ecstatically satisfied. Changing your sex routine may not always improve things but stirring up the way you make love is bound to add more excitement. Take a chance and enjoy random sex tonight.

Want more Random Sex ideas?

Well … there’s an app for that!
Creative Intimate Ideas for Couples

Based on our love lottery concept, we created an app that lets you pick random combinations of different lovemaking ingredients to make up a night of amazing sex. There are 49 ideas in each of six categories that include accessories, setting, foreplay and sex play activities. For more detailed information about the application, take a look at our support page at: i Love Random Sex. It’s a simple application that can have amazing results for improving your love life with lots of creative sex ideas.

Discover for yourself how random acts of sex can enhance your lovemaking pleasures.

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